Saturday, January 22, 2005

Holy Amazonia, Mole Man!

Ricky - the "New Democrat" - is not a novice to the blogger game (I'm not going to post his url anymore because that's, at least, one thing that he wants). From what I've learned so far, Ricky might even be eligible for a Guiness Book World Record for most blogs by one person (assuming he's one and not "many"...right now...I'm leaning to the latter...more than one at least...because the tone of T.N.D. is a bit more subdued compared to the majority of his do you say...ramblings). Some of the blogs are still updated, some ended months or years ago, and, at least, one has been removed from the Internet (shout out to Tas at Loaded Mouth who should shortly have up a screenshot of the blog which you may even have heard of before).

If you combined the hits that Ricky receives on all of his blogs, then he might be up there with Andrew Sullivan, Little Green Footballs, Instapundit and Wizbang (incidentally, speaking of those blogs...since they all linked to T.N.D. I believe they have some explaining to do about what they know about Ricky and whether or not they thought T.N.D. was legitimate...considering the fact that they are paying so much attention to the subject of blogger perhaps some of you might like to pay their fine blogs a visit and ask them...I don't agree with the concept of "you link it, you own it" but it can't just be freaky coincidences that a less-than-one-week-old blog - and that supposedly hails from the opposite wing - got links to such big sites just by blog whoring). But the majority of Ricky's blogs aren't political in nature. They run the gamut from fan sites to satire to weird religions.

Yes. Weird religions. You see, Ricky belongs to the Church of the Blue Amazon. Born on a farm, so Ricky Vandal (yep...I'm sure a lot of you bloggers and blog-commenters-which-also-counts-as-bloggers have been wondering if this Ricky was that Ricky Vandal...he is most definitely) tells us, at the age of 5 years old he was visited by an Amazonian Warrior who told him that the world was created not by God, but by God's children as a game.

"What is the purpose of the game? For them? They're just enjoying themselves and try to see who beats who. For us it has existentialist consequences."

Why does Ricky do what he does? Is it all a game (another of his blogs is a sort of game...I'll get to it later)? Or does he do blogs like T.N.D. in order to convert the unbelievers?

Or does he do it to make money by selling books?

At T.N.D. if you hit on one of his Amazon ads, you can buy a copy of John Stewart with The Daily Show's America or Hugh Hewitt's Blog (which should be a dead give-away which wing ricky really likes to flap). But those aren't the books Ricky usually sells. Nope. Ricky's favorite book would guessed it...John O'Neill's Unfit For Command starring the Swift Boat Veterans who were not on the same boats with John Kerry, literally and the-other-thing.

Ricky screwed up. Yes. His links were traceable all over the Internet. If you spend enough time using google and technorati you will be able to figure out some of the other aliases used by Ricky such as MongooseJuice2004, which he employs at Smirking Chimp and Daily Kos. But there were two other mistakes that Ricky committed which helped me definitively link him to his blogs (I'll get to it, soon).

On November 19, 2004 the first comment left by Ricky as Mongoosejuice2004 at Daily Kos appeared on an open thread: "How to contact Bill Clinton? He seems to blog again. Here is the link".

A Kosser named Montco PA for Kerry pointed out the obvious, that President Clinton wasn't gunning to be the next Atrios. But, anyway, that blog is still active, and it 's gotten nearly 2,000 hits just in the last week. But here's where it gets weird. On January 10, "Bill Clinton" blogged about Bush's plan to cut down or get rid of social security (Bill Clinton Daily Diary). This is right in line with T.N.D.'s signing up for the liberal Blogpac campaign: There Is No Crisis.

I take that back. Nothing is in line when it comes to Ricky. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to some of the other blogs I keep stumbling upon (they're like Tribbles). I just found a blog called Bill Clinton Book My Life which is nothing more than a portal to the Bill Clinton Daily Diary blog. He's trying to suck the Democrats in everywhere and through all means, it seems.

But perhaps I should cut Ricky a break. Perhaps he really is a Bill Clinton fan. Whoops. On March 7, 2004, the future "new democrat" paid a visit to the left-leaning blog, Sadly No. This is Ricky expressing how he really feels about Clinton's legacy: "If Gray Davis had done his job, Democrat leaning California wouldn't have had to kick him out. Same for Clinton. If he had taken care of Bin LAden 3000 people woulfn't have burned to death in New York. Bush is taking care of business the Democrats didn't do." Last time I checked, Clinton wasn't kicked out of anywhere, and the same goes for the last two alternative reality sentences.

Ricky isn't giving up. I've left a few comments on his blog, and I'm assuming that he's somewhat aware of what I'm writing, but he hasn't responded and he's still link whoring. Earlier today, Ricky hit the Daily Kos with his Mongoose identity to join in on a thread by Markos ironically titled Roemer a VRWC mole.

Check the comments below and you'll see what for-real centrist Democrat blog he scored a link from today.

Bombshell link that I just discovered.

Ricky's scored a link from Time! On a page at the Website devoted to links related to the Person of the Year, Ricky's Clinton Diary blog is plugged under a header that reads "Bloggers Can Be Fakers." It reads "Plain Layne, a highly personal blog supposedly belonging to a Minnesota lesbian named Layne Johnson that drew thousands of fans over 3 1/2 years before mysteriously disappearing, was revealed to be a hoax. Hundreds of fans helped track down the real author, Odin Soli, 35, a male entrepreneur from Woodbury, Minn. Later in the year, fake Bill Clinton and Andy Kaufman blogs became hits." That's followed by a link to two of the hoax blogs (the Kaufman one gets shortchanged...I checked it out in the wasn't bad...but I forget the link).

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