Tuesday, January 11, 2005

If Elected, I Promise To...

You might say I've become a little obsessed with elections and votes, lately. Well, that ain't gonna change anytime soon. I have every intention of continuing my work on 50 States Mislead Their Voters, and ~A!'s Watching The Watchers is still on the case, too. Not long ago, ~A! tackled Vermont, and let's just say I might have to subtract one from the title of this series (which is probably why I took so long to link to it...sorry ~A! buddy, but don't you know that 'versy sells). As for me, I'm still stuck in Ohio, but I have a juicy story that I'm working on which might (might...because I am still working on it) be fingering an election official other than everyone's favorite scoundrel, J. Kenneth Blackwell. And, to make things juicier, this e.o. didn't support Dubya in 2004 (at least not directly...if you get my drift).

Meanwhile, now I'd like to direct your attention to an election which I promise won't leave a bad taste in your mouth (or anywhere else for that matter). I'm speaking of the Koufax Awards, sponsored by the folks at Wampum.

I'm prouder than proud to announce that I've been nominated for Best Writing in a blog. Especially because I'm up against a pretty amazing group of talented writers, including one of my favorite journalists, The Nation's David Corn, and Kid Oakland from Daily Kos, who I disagree with immensely (see below) but who I do respect as a writer.

There's 60-plus nominees in the first round, and I'm way, way behind already but if you really, really like me or you'd like me to save face (chuckle) please vote for me at this link.

I'd also like to draw your attention to the category of Best New Blog. A few of my favorite blogs), such as Watching The Watchers, The Common Ills, The Brad Blog and Blue Lemur at The Raw Story (proper links are on the right), are going up against each other in this category (T.C.I.'s also nominated for best writing...well deserved, I might add) and you can pick your choice at this link.

You may have noticed that there are a handful of new links that I link to. Some I discovered at Wampum, and some I discovered through other links. If you have the time, check out some of those wonderful blogs, too.


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