Monday, January 24, 2005

Loading Up On Ricky

Loaded Mouth's Tas asks "Just what else does Ricky have to disclose?"

Along with the 3 blogs Tas lists, The New Democrat (links are below...don't want to help him any more than I have in exposing the dirty trick, bait-and-switch, serial blogger), John Kerry's The New Soldier, and I love Jenna Bush, I've also mentioned Bill Clinton's Daily Diary (which is still active...and is getting good hits...and is linked to on must be stopped), the wacky religion blog, and the blog that is supposed to contain Quentin Tarantino scripts (that link isn't below...because it's too unbelievable to bother with).

Here's a few more.

This blog, one large post composed on May 26, 2004, is called "Washingtonienne Jessica Cutler." It's not much: photos of Jessica Culter, photos of Jessica and Wonkette, and links to stories about the "intern SEX scandal." It also contains a link to his wacky church of fandel blog and allows you the opportunity to buy a t-shirt at (where you can also buy the "I Love Jenna Bush" hat that he linked to at Daily Kos). This site still gets major traffic, and receives lots of hits from an e-mail list.

On August 2, 2004 Ricky unveiled this blog. It's also one post, this one is only a couple hundred words long. But it does contain links to purchase Donald Trump's books at Amazon so you can fund Ricky's serial blogging.

Did I mention links? Yes. This blog has links. You want CLASSIC ACTORS? There are blogs devoted to John Belushi, John Candy, Richard Chamberlain, Errol Flynn, Rock Hudson, William Holden and Jack Lord. CLASSIC ACTRESSES: Jane Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, Angela Lansbury, Shirley Temple, Mae West, Jane Wyman. CLASSIC WRITERS, Alexandre Dumas, Ernest Hemingway, L. Ron Hubbard, Rudyard Kipling. THE RICH AND FAMOUS: Pamela Anderson, Chevy Chase, Pierre de Coubertin, Che Guevara. BUSINESS TYCOONS: Warren Buffett, Malcolm Forbes.

24 blogs including the Trump. All Ricky blogs. All selling Amazon products devoted to each of the notables (you know he's a whack job if he thinks Richard Chamberlain is a classic actor...but...heck...I had no idea Pierre was the dude who founded the Olympics...thanks for teaching me sumfin ricky), all written in August of 2004, and all one (probably plagiarized) nothing-to-blog-home-about post.

Each of them sports that nifty traffic counter from the now deceased (links to caches at Loaded Mouth) I Love Jenna Bush blog. So while he's getting 50-60 hits a day, that's divvied up between all 24 blogs (I wonder why he deserted a popular blog...perhaps his "comrades" objected). Somehow he's getting sporadic hits from the New Democrat blog, but I can't figure out why, since there aren't any visible links on it.


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