Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ricky Defamed The Defamer

A big thank you to Jesse from Republican Sinners - a you-gotta-see-to-believe blog that is criminally hysterical - for doing his own digging and feeding Tas and me a couple of scoops in our pursuit of Ricky the fake "new democrat" fake "Clinton Diarist" serial blogger.

Jesse found this posting on The Hip Hop Forum, under the topic of Breakdance music. On September 11, 2004, using the handle Halibot 22, Ricky posted a link to, yet, another blog (created two days earlier). He wrote "I saw this website where you can win a record deal. I though I'd pass it along to those who are interested."

When I googled "triggerstreet records" I found a link to another Hip Hop Website which exposed Ricky's blog as a fraud. I'd give him a link, but...what do you know...another blogger who has no ethics when it comes to other's people work. His post was just a dumbed down version of an article on the Defamer Website, a gossipy Website published by Nick Denton, who also does Wonkette (another Ricky obsession). While the blogger did post a link to The Defamer, the only original words in his posts were when he changed a few personal pro-nouns. For shame.

In The Defamer's PSA You're Not Going Win A Record Deal the unbylined writer delivers "devastating news for those with aspirations of instant hip-hop stardom and VIP access to the champagne room on P. Diddy's yacht." The Win A Record Deal blogger had hatched "a scheme to induce clickthroughs on their Google Ads." One winner a week would be chosen at random out of the "persons" who could correctly answer three questions (music talent or even the ability to speak apparently weren't qualifications). The 3 questions ranged from "What is the E-mail address of Sponsor number 1?" to "What is the E-mail address of Sponsor number 2?" to - you get it.

When Jesse first sent me the link to Ricky's blog I thought we struck gold. The e-mail address where "persons" are directed to send their answers to belongs to one of the BIGGEST right wing bloggers that there is, and one that linked to Ricky's "The New Democrat" blog: Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. But, of course, that connection was too Hollywood to be true.

The Defamer article got wind of the hoax because Ricky had used their e-mail address before switching it with the probably oblivious Mr. Reynolds. Ricky had pulled a fast one on the publisher of Wonkette, and probably made a couple bucks through the ads.

So Ricky isn't really Glenn Reynolds. But...there was something else that I found on his site...or didn't exactly find.

In my next post I'll weave a (what the hell...possibly libelous) tale about how there may have been a sort-of-conspiracy composed of several right-leaning bloggers to smear John Kerry in order to avoid facing potential lawsuits.


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