Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ricky & Unfit For Command

Think Ricky's harmless? Think again. For Ricky may have played a disturbing role in the recent election.

On August 12, 2004, Ricky launched a blog which received nearly 200,000 unique hits up until Election Day. (Warning: the following link contains a full color picture of the WTC on 9/11 right at the top) John Kerry's The New Soldier sports this header: "Read John Kerry's book The New Soldier online for FREE---Watch STOLEN HONOR online for FREE---READ five chapters of JOHN O'NEILL'S book UNFIT FOR COMMAND here for FREE." Who needs Sinclair, a couple hundred thousand people could watch the "documentary" here. J.K.T.N.S. also once contained a link to a pdf of the out-of-print "New Soldier" which John F. Kerry contributed to, but - as of now - I don't know if it was an accurate transcript or some kind of parody. Ricky writes that his snatch-and-grab of other people's work is "used according to Fair Use Principle."

This link shows the traffic for the Website: Donald Trump (note: that's the name listed as the title...Ricky likes to switch names around with his blogs in order to collect more hits from links through keywords...this leads to a blog called Donald Trump...another Ricky joint) See where it peaked? Yep. Right when it counted.

Who linked to this Website? Next post.


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