Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ricky's "Full Disclosure"

Ricky aka Ricky Vandal aka MongooseJuice2004 aka LindsaysLover aka Bonnie - the "new democrat" - has posted a "full disclosure" on his blog. While the not-quite-contrite post doesn't mention me or Tas (Loaded Mouth 's It's a fraud. with links to caches of a former Ricky blog called "I Love Jenna Bush"), he does admit to a few of things that we dug up.

Ricky claims to be a "Zell Miller Democrat" and brags that he "had something to do with Kerry's defeat. For a long time my blog was the only blog with a link so you could read John Kerry's anti-war book "The New Soldier". I was the one, who marketed it all over the blogosphere. The book was unavailable. John Kerry took it off the market. Copies on Amazon and E-bay cost more than 2000 dollars. I was the first one making the book available for mass readership."

Is this hysterical or what? Further proof of the difference between the right and left wings of the blogosphere. The right has attacked CBS news for not properly vetting their sources, (and Kos for reasons that they twisted around) and yet, Ricky's sites have been promoted on the biggest blogs that they control. Rush Limbaugh's Website and Instapundit linked to him, Ricky brags, and his site had a google rating of 7 which put his propaganda on the front page if you entered "john Kerry" or "the new soldier" into a search engine. While I blogged that Ricky had 200,000 unique visitors, the "new democrat" claims that it was 300,000.

Many blogs make the mistake of dismissing trolls like Ricky, thinking that if they just ban them from their blogs, then that will be the end of that. But Ricky has been inflicting a lot of damage on our party. Add up all of the hits on all of his blogs (I've found 15 so far) and he's reached a couple million people.

Ricky was once banned from the John Kerry official Website for asking disgusting questions, that right now I can't stomache repeating or linking to.

Here's what Ricky did for George Bush's reelection campaign: "I sent many visitors to the SwiftVets website. I encouraged many to donate to them. I sold hundreds, more than 400 "Unfit for Command" books through my Amazon link. I also sold many Zell Miller and Tommy Franks books. I received a check for hundreds of dollars from Amazon. I haven't cashed it in yet."

Ricky "hope[s] this disclosure clears the air and tells you where [he] stand[s] on the Democratic Party policy platform." No. It doesn't. Not for me. There's more out there. And you're lying. You're not any kind of Democrat. Zell Miller is Paul Wellstone compared to you. A better description would be a L. Ron Hubbard Neoconservative Republican. Except "Battlefield Earth" is Citizen Kane compared to your "new religion." And your completely unbelievable "Quentin Tarantino" scripts suck too (another blog Ricky maintains).

At the very least, Ricky, there are at least 15 other blogs which should also bear that "full disclosure."


Ricky's quite the capitalist. He's even tried using the Daily Kos Website to hawk his merchandise. This comment was left by mongoosejuice2004 on an open thread on November 24, 2004. Follow this link if you'd like to buy a black baseball cap with the following inscription: I Love Jenna Bush. I think that's grounds for a Kos banning, one that I would agree with, link whoring is permissable on my blog, but not spam.


Just as I speculated in my first post, Ricky is a Freeper. While he's probably used many different names on the far right "activist" Website, since last December Ricky has posted under the name "grandpiano007." This (if you really want to go to the Freeper yourself the trip) Link will show you the articles that the "new democrat" has left for his fellow Freepers. This is Ricky's real "full disclosure." "Check out The new Democrat. The dam is breaking alright. Nothing like a lost election to make the Dummies think. Be sure to read the comments. HAHAHA." Some of his posts seem meant to rile up the Freepers, though. He takes Bill Clinton's side sometimes, and argues against banning evolution from textbooks. Does Ricky even have a political philosophy? If you went to the link (go wash your eyes if you have to) you'd see that Ricky promoted his New Democrat blog and his Bill Clinton Diary blog and his Quentin Tarantino nonsense.


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