Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Spy In The House of Blogpac

UPDATE - January 23rd

For the first time ever, I have decided to significantly edit one of my posts. This one. That doesn't mean I take back anything I wrote. People read it. I'm sure it can be retrieved somehow by someone interested enough to do so. I'm leaving my comments untouched though, because I never remove comments.

But I thought it best to retouch this post since I want the focus of this story to remain on "Ricky." Even if it turns out that he is a teenager with an overactive imagination, he is doing a great disservice to all of us in the blogosphere, and to the millions of people who surf the web. This guy has blogs coming out of every orifice in his body. Many of those blogs contain ads which earn him money while he spouts his propaganda. Who knows how many people have been taken in by this trickster?

On the many threads about the Zonkette story (like there's anyone alive that visits blogs that doesn't know what story I'm talking about) across the blogosphere, I noticed - like many of you have also noticed - a number of short comments which were clearly anti-Kos' side, and contained links to a site called The New Democrat.

So I checked out the cat's blog (on January 17th) and it threw me for a loop. It had to be a joke. Some of the posts (especially a few of the recents ones) seemed reasonable, but others were completely unhinged and didn't make a lot of sense. Some liberals left angry comments on the blog, but most of the comments were left by Republicans, for some reason. Then I got it. Billionaires for Bush, but in reverse.

So I left this comment: "This post clears it up. While some of the views expressed on this blog are views that are shared by many Democrats in the wide net that the party attracts (liberal to moderate to conservative etc), the opinions expressed in this post are opinions that are only shared by extremely right wing propagandists. This site is unfunny satire. At least add a few jokes so we can laugh, "new democrat."

And that, I thought, would be the end of it.

I have three counters on my blog. They don't tell me too much, but they tell me something about who's coming to my website. I received a hit on my website from that comment I left. The comment had been added to an older post, so I assume (sue me...I'm an assumptive blogger) that the only person who would check up on me would be the blogger himself. And that was the only hit I got from my comment..

The hit on my website originated from the Pentagon (Hi, guys, if you bookmarked me and are still reading this...get the fuck out of Iraq!).

I'm still working on this story. This outing of a blogger. A blogger who claims to be a "new democrat." A blogger who may have ten to twenty blogs on the Internet. A blogger who gets most of his hits from the right wing sites that link to him (most do it on the sly).

Blogpac, a new political action committee comprised of some of the biggest left-leaning bloggers and their readers, have started their first campaign. One of the two hundred bloggers that has signed on (There Is No Crisis), happens to be the guy who fronts for the right wing and might even work for the Pentagon. Then again, he might only be a teenager whose words reach the Pentagon through the links that he gets in earnest from the right. Regardless, he's not one of us (Democrats: liberals to moderates to centrists), that's for sure.

More details as I dig them up later.


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