Friday, January 21, 2005

Who Links To The Mole?

As I write this, The New Democrat blog has now been hit by 9,710 surfers. Pretty damn good, for a blog that's only eleven days old. I started my blog in September of 2003, but I didn't really get going until August of 2004. I'm psyched to be a large mammal in the blogosphere (according to Truth Laid Bear), but none of my hits have come easy, as the biggest of the bloggers in our hemisphere hardly ever link to newbies. And since new left-leaning blogs startup at an astonishingly high rate every day, you can't really fault them.

I've never tried to get a link from a right wing blog (no matter what Ala might tell ya), but I seriously doubt that the Instapundits and Little Green Footballs on the right side of the blogosphere pass out links to just anyone.

So who the hell is this Ricky? More importantly, who the hell does he know? Where in the roster of man-behind-the-man-behind-the-man-behind-the-man does he stand?

Ricky likes to link whore. A lot of us bloggers do it from time-to-time but Ricky seems to have taken the self-promoting practice to an amazing level. On January 10th, 2004, Ricky paid a visit to the conservative blog, Cheese And Crackers. Responding to a post by blogger Jordan Golson which contained only a link to "Tsunami Videos", Ricky - the "new democrat" - left this comment with his link: "Great Job! This proves beyond doubt George Bush caused the Tsunami." A weak attempt at satire, no doubt, but keep it in mind when you read my next post which will showcase Ricky's sense of humour.

According to Technorati, the first blog to link to The New Democrat was Knight of The Mind. Steve (or SDH) blogs out of Alexandria, Virginia. His job: "I work for the US Army as an Operations Research Analyst." The link to Ricky's blog is smack-dab in the middle of such Websites as Free Republic, Michelle Malkin, and Crush Kerry. Again, according to Blogger's best friend Technorati, Steve linked to Ricky nine-and-a-half days ago. Perhaps, Steve discovered Ricky's blog by utilizing his skills in analysing and researching.

On January 13, someone using the handle lindsayslover left a comment with a link to T.N.D. at Little Green Footballs: "Hmmm, remember he said screw the dead American "mercenaries", they were doing it for the money? Well I guess the blogosphere has its own money hungry mercenaries. Live and let die." I believe this comment is very revealing, because - from what I've turned up so far and guessed at - Ricky's hate affair with Kos dates back, at least, to the time when Kos made those infamous comments in regards to Fallujah.

On January 15, Ricky struck gold. He received high words of praise and, of course, links at two conservative blogs: Wizbang & Pajama Pundits. One of the biggest of the right-leaning bloggers, Kevin from Wizbang wrote, "Democrats are advised to pay no attention to anything this man has to say! Embrace George Soros' billions and leave Michael Moore in charge of your message. Move along, nothing to see there..." Not long after that, Donna B. from Pajama Pundits, a considerably less known blog, trackbacked to Wizbang after writing an effusive post which used Ricky's words in the title: "It's an old, worn out vision of America."

In her post, Donna B. declared that "The New Democrat is calling for a revolution in the Democratic Party to replace its "old worn out vision" spouted by the "looney leftists" of the party. He defines that wing of the party as the one belonging to Ted Kennedy, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Boxer, bought by George Soros and touted by Michael Moore. Finding this blog (via Wizbang) shortly after my brother finally admitted that Michael Moore "may" have had a role in costing Kerry the election gives me hope that the Democratic Party isn't dead yet."

On January 19, Andrew Sullivan linked to Ricky (Trippi On Kos), without mentioning the name of his blog: "An interesting take on the bloggers-for-hire issue. Trippi paid the bloggers for the Dean campaign. He ought to know what went on." There isn't any take on that post, just a transcript for a podcast that I haven't been able to hear on my computer, unfortunately. But if the transcript is true, then I can't understand why Kos, himself, would've linked to it a few days ago. Until I hear it for myself, I'll assume it's another one of Ricky's lies. Also on January 19, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit threw Ricky a bone-link, through use of the same sly strategy: "JOE TRIPPI on the Kos/Teachout affair."

Ricky seems to have hit every single blog on the Internet - right, left, whatever - that weighed in on the Kos-Trippi Affair. Here's Ricky telling us what's what at Pandagon on January 14th: "I think all of you Deaniacs, including Kos, Pandas and Atrios are a bunch of tools. You lost us the election with your anti-war tripe. Apart from that, instead of whining, you need to read the Dow Jones article like Rush Limbaugh does: Quote: Ms. Teachout's posting shook the confidence of many people in the blogosphere, as many bloggers like to call the online community. Bloggers have been quick to criticize the unspoken biases of mainstream media, and they helped expose the questionable documents used by CBS News in a report about President Bush's National Guard experience.---In other words, journalists are taking revenge on bloggers for destroying their credibility. That's what this article is about. Bloggers are untrustworthy. And bloggers on the extreme left are more untrustworthy than bloggers on the right. For a very simple reason. The ones on the extreme left, like Kos and Atrios eat out of the Democratic candidates' pocket. Free Republic and even Green Footballs are paid for by donations." Something that bleeds inside of me tells me that no Democrat would ever advise another Democrat to do anything "like Rush Limbaugh does." But maybe that's just me and my paranoia blogging.

On January 15, Ricky left this comment at Burnt Orange Report: "The mainstream media isn't interested in that. They want to cut bloggers back to size, after the Rathergate scandal and the fiiring of 4 MSM journalists. Or does anybody think they like us for having done that? We, bloggers showed MSM journalists to be untrustworthy. They are repaying us the favor. This story ain't gonna die untill they kill this idea that bloggers are a substitute for MSM." Actually "us" bloggers proved that the documents in Rathergate were not necessarily forgeries and that, even still, the gist of what they said was true. It's "them" other bloggers that Ricky obviously belongs to. I really hate when these guys can't keep their propaganda straight.

January 15th was a busy day for the Rickster. He also left comment/links on left-leaning blogs such as Steve Gilliard's News Blog, among others. But, luckily, I don't think he had much success in fooling too many liberals, because, as of now, I'm the only one that's linked to him.

More To Come. Ricky's Other Blogs Revealed.


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