Friday, January 07, 2005

Why Are We Back On Loaded Mouth

Sorry. But, tonight, I can't bear to listen to the testimony that I missed earlier today. I'll catch up in the morning and follow up. I did leave some comments on the last post if you want some of my early thoughts. I only heard a few excerpts on the Randi Rhodes show on a tiny am/fm radio that I sneaked into my job today. I don't know much more than the final score in the senate: 74-1. A brutal ass kicking, it seems, but our numbers were better in the House at least.

But I am proud of all that we've done the last two months. Everyone who took the time to call a senator is a true patriot. It would be really nice if many of you took the time to call Senator Boxer's office again and thank her for her courage.

I go to bed a Democrat. Tomorrow, I'm not so sure. But you better believe I'll still be working on this. I won't ever stop. I promise. Until the what-I-refuse-to-accept-is-impossible is achieved: significant election reform.

I'd also like to announce that I'm guest-blogging at Tas' Loaded Mouth this weekend. I've posted two articles there already, and although I jumped at the chance because I wanted to write about something else (not that I'm tired of writing about this, only that I feel it's important to stay on topic for-the-now HERE since the bigger bloggers don't really give a shit). But wouldn't you know it? Both of my posts on Tas' blog were still about this fraud of an election that nobody thinks they should care about (except us loony tuneheads).

Peace, people.

UPDATE: Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire has done a wonderful job blogging about all of the election irregularities the last two months. But today he's outdone himself. His take on the significance of January 6, 2004 should make everyone who made those phone calls feel mighty proud of themselves. You are a national treasure, Joseph, and I'm glad that you're on my side. I edited it a bit so that it makes sense in this context but here's the link to the original post: Victory? Yes--and no.

"Yet somehow, the heroes...managed to assure that George W. Bush will forevermore have an asterisk beside his name in the history books. The integrity of the results in both of his elections has been questioned. When historians ask "Why were the electors challenged in 2004?" -- they will turn to the Conyers report, which presents overwhelming evidence of fraud."


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