Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Are You 20 or 21, Ricky?

Last April, when you left a silly question on the Christian Forums, you also put down your age as 20. But on your profile, your birthday is listed as January 2, 1985 (Happy belated Birthday, you sick troll), which would have made you only 19 last April. Is it a sin to lie on the Christian Forums? I don't know...I'm just asking you, though I'm pretty sure your friends at the Christian Forums would agree that it's a sin to worship false idols, such as the Amazonian Goddess in your church of Fandel (Instapundit likes to link to this guy), and that it ain't exactly kosher to impersonate a former president and to ask for donations in his name.

You're a bad boy, Ricky. You also left a link to your I Love Jenna Bush blog which contained links to decapitations and porn stars (why are you so obsessed with which porn stars have AIDS, Ricky? What kind of a sick animal leaves a link to his sick Website at Curezone.org?). Is there anywhere you won't leave a link to your filthy blogs?

What is your mom going to say when she finds out about you? For the sake of the World Wide Web, I hope she takes away your computer. Then what would you do? Make obscene phone calls?

Ricky, you come to my blog at least two-to-three times a day. Care to leave a comment?


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