Saturday, February 12, 2005

GOPUSA & Talon News: Explained

Why does Talon News exist? There's certainly enough legitimate conservative media entities in the mainstream media which do a fine job of regurgitating the Bush Administration's propaganda with few objections and hardly any criticism. Why hire unqualified journalists who resort to copy-and-pasting and out-and-out plagiarism?

Because it's not really about that. Talon News and GOPUSA exist not to serve as an alternative to the mainstream media and to promote only "good news." The brainchild of the two Eberles, Bobby and Bruce, was created in a computer lab with "polling wizard" software in order to activate the conservative base and make a whole lot of money for conservative pundits.

Sheldon Rampton, the research director for the Center for Media & Democracy, and the designer and overseer for Disinfopedia, wrote an article that fully gets to the heart of what Talon News/GOPUSA is all about. Only, that article was written three years ago. Less than two weeks ago, Mr. Rampton wrote a follow-up analysis called "Cash for Commentary" is Business as Usual as a response to the recent payola scandals involving Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher and Michael McManus: link.

I'm not going to paraphrase anything from that article tonight. Mr. Rampton deserves the credit for exposing the Eberle masterplan, so check it out then come back and scroll down (no cheating, peeps, if you read Mr. Rampton's article before you scroll down, the Eberle scam will be completely clear to you...though you might also want to read the last post I wrote about last year's change of ownership of the Millions of Americans Website).

Tomorrow night I'll spell it out more clearly so that it makes more sense.

"How do you recruit these proven activists? By creating an activation Web site, not an informational Web site ... a site that exists solely to create activists." -- grassroots PR guru Jack Bonner (from Sheldon Rampton's 3-year-old article - Digital Telemarketing: Old Hacks Learn New Tricks: cache link).

The Omega List:

Featured E-mail List - GOPUSA | 500,000 Opt-In E-mail Names

GOPUSA is one of the premier conservative websites, started by conservative activists for conservative activists; GOPUSA represents a one-stop source for the latest conservative news, information, editorials, online petitions, polls, forums and more. These activists have signed petitions and/or requested to receive a subscription to the weekly e-magazine The GOPUSA Eagle.

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For more information contact Mike Hiban at (703) 821-1890 or by using our online contact form.

Usage includes:, Accuracy in Media, World Net Daily, Republican Party of Texas, Judicial Watch, American Conservative Union, Conservative Book Club, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Heritage Foundation, Americans for Fair Taxation, Parents Television Council, Washington Times, National Weekly RNC, Human Events Book Service, Robinson for Congress, Bob Barr for Congress, Human Events.

Plus over 50 more organizations.

Royalty Rate is $30/thousand with a $500 minimum order. Full run orders discounted to $12,000.

If you would like to get GOPUSA activists behind your cause, or you have questions, contact Mike Hiban/Omega List Company. Broker Commission: 20%

One more link: 2 "With one click you can send my quarter to your favorite conservative group. My name is Bruce Eberle and I’m President of the Eberle Communications Group, Inc. It may only be 2 bits, but if enough conservatives send my quarters it could add up to real money. Help out your favorite cause today."

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