Monday, February 14, 2005

I Am Deeply Ashamed For Our Side Today

For the first time EVER I have had to remove a blog from my link list. A blog that I had added less than a week ago.

I'm referring to John, the main man behind the blog, promised Democratic Underground - and other left-leaning blogs on the Net - big, big news regarding Jeff Gannon, the former "journalist" for Talon News.

John's idea of "big, big news" seems to be printing more photographs that show Mr. Gannon in sexual situations. What a disgrace. This isn't "news." This is fucking homophobic, disgusting filth. Hohn should be ashamed of himself. I'm ashamed...because he's supposed to be on my side.

For the second time ever, this non-violent liberal is going to write something that I would normally feel ashamed of writing. John, you deserve to get your ass kicked for peddling your disgusting pornography.

I would hope that Atrios and others that have linked to John reconsider their previous recommendations (even if they still won't link to my non-homophobic reporting). No peace today...I see only red right now.

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