Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Last Time I Waste Time On This

I wish I didn't have to waste any more time on this. But I do. This is my last post on this "sordid" subject...and then back to before.

I'm glad I'm not the only one on our side who is upset about the hypocritical assault in the name of assaulting hypocrisy. Maryscott OConnor posted a diary today on Daily Kos entitled "This Is Giving Me the Creeps" which was recommended by over 100 people. Not all of us are happy about this. Not all of us agree this is newsworthy or blogworthy.

At the very least, John should have kept his pictures in his pants until he could find some way to prove that the private sex life (even if it's paid for I don't see how it matters...it's just lurid) of a an obviously minor player who has already been shamed and forced to resign is somehow meaningful. Isn't John a writer? Why couldn't John find a way to write about what the pictures showed or "proved" without turning his blog into a smut zone? Shouldn't he have considered the fact that people WOULD get offended by the circus his dirty pictures would no doubt generate?

Jeff Gannon or Guckert or whatever his goddamned name is is a tool a pawn a little little guy. A guy who has shilled propaganda. A guy who has plagiarized and lied. A guy who has played a role...however small or large it may be...in allowing a corrupt administration to remain in power and an immoral war to continue to wage on.

But that's the point. Jeff's just a guy. A dude. A person. An American (though I wouldn't say patriotic...just jingoistic). A human being who doesn't deserve such utter indignity.

Yes. Jeff wrote homophobic crap. Yes. Jeff is part of a chain that links the anti-gay fundamentalist religious right to the Republican Party. And...hell...just the other day...President Bush wrongfully claimed that children whose parents are of different genders do better in school. Yes. I personally believe that it is a-okay to...say...out somebody...if they have behaved as a hypocrite.

But one blogger has gone too far.

On January 28th, the first diary by Susan G. appeared on Daily Kos which was a continuation of work done by Media Matters. Susan and many others worked hard on the story and they posted diaries multiple times a day. Then came February 8th. On February 8th, 2005 some left-leaning bloggers went out of their fucking minds.

Even though it "creeps" me out to do this, I'm going to post what was probably one of the most widely read blog posts on February 8th. I'm going to post every word contained in that post, but instead of commenting on any of it directly...I'm going to put into bold print the parts that I (me, me, me, me...as some Kossers branded me the other day) find highly offensive, blatantly homophobic, and damaging to any and all of our causes:

"Holy crap" by John in DC - 2/8/2005 07:03:51 PM (link):

"Update: He just resigned.

Let me say again, holy crap.

The blogosphere has dug up some really really really creepy stuff about that pseudo-reporter with the pseudonym who the White House lets ask all the softball questions about their briefings. His pseudonym is Jeff Gannon, and well, the folks at DailyKos, and Eschaton, have been doing a little digging around on him.

It's a long and sordid tale, but let me give it to you in a nutshell. Mr. Gannon's home page is JeffGannon.com. Well, JeffGannon.com is owned by a person and company that owns the following Web addresses as well: Hotmilitarystud.com Militaryescorts.com Militaryescortsm4m.com

And for those of you who are really straight or really clueless, "m4m" is a gay online term for men who are looking to have sex with other men, and "escort" means prostitute. And being a military escort is also against the Uniform Code of Military Justice in at least two different ways, if not more.

Now, I'm not one to judge how folks like to get their jollies (assuming no children are involved and it's consensual), but then again, I don't suck up to the family values agenda like Mr. Gannon does. I've been through Gannon's archives, and it's a horrendous accumulation of religious right suck-up pieces on gay issues. Some are concerned that perhaps it's not fair to hit him with the gay card, if he is gay. Well, take a look at some of the stories from Gannon's Talon News Service: here, here, here Talon is promoting "ex-gays," defending Bush on gay marriage, and Gannon himself writing a story defending Santorum on his man-dog-sexgays. There are lots more, you get the picture. commments about

Oh, and speaking of pictures, they found photos too.

The big issue here is whether the White House has been knowingly opening its doors to a pseudonymous male hustler (or pimp) so he'll pose softball questions to the president. If that's the case here - and in all fairness, we still need to hear from Gannon - it's not just creepy, it's outrageous and an incredible violation of the country's trust, and just as importantly, White House security. Do these people do a background check on anyone? Just go and read it all for yourself."

That helped get John on CNN. Are you ready for your close-ups tomorrow, John? Now that you've got pictures to wave around and scream "shocking simply shocking." Perhaps you can put on a show and charge for it on pay-per-view.

One more thing...about that threat yesterday...shit...I'm all talk and no action you should know by now at least when it comes to venom...what may make me mad one day may make me not so mad the day after. That makes me human. Right now. I'm still mad. But when I wrote that line yesterday "you deserve to get your ass kicked for peddling your disgusting pornography." I really should have added "by an angry ex-Talon News reporter who's privacy was invaded (yes...I know he posted that stuff on the Internet...but that doesn't mean he wanted it broadcast to millions of people...you fellow democrats know that...there is a definite difference).

Now...I'm going to go back to working on the story itself...the story about GOPUSA...not "the private life of Jeff Gannon."

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