Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mike Krempasky & GOPUSA

Even though I've been working on this tawdry subject for nearly a month, I guess I have a lot to learn about the right-wing propagandists who pollute the Internet with lies and fraudulent Websites. After all, yesterday I had no idea who Mike Krempasky was. But - tonight - while doing further research on the Eberles...whatdoyouknow...Mike Krempasky's name came up an awful lot.

Krempasky left a comment on my Haloscan yesterday, which led me to make a correction to my short article "Alan Keyes & Talon News" (I didn't just make the change on his word...I made the mistake of trusting information on the Daily Kos Website which I wasn't able to confirm...last time I'll ever do that):

"No relation between Bruce and Bobby." - Krempasky | Email | Homepage | 02.11.05 - 1:19 pm | #

"Actually...if you check out one of my links...Bruce says there is one...But...I was a little bit unsure whether they are brothers...but I've seen it written in tons of I'll change that." - Ron Brynaert | Email | Homepage | 02.11.05 - 2:20 pm | #

"Holy shit, I checked your Website briefly...saw that it was so I moved on. Then...while researching the Eberles...your fucking name came up...repeatedly. You're a man who knows a lot about dirty tricks and creating fraudulent Websites. Hot damn. Hope you come back...because I'm working on an article about you...feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong."

Well, I'll give Mike Krempasky the benefit of the doubt on this (and only this). Media Matter, Daily Kos and others have it wrong. Bobby and Bruce Eberle are not related. Krempasky would know; since he has ties with both Eberles.

So, as I work on this story, go ahead and check out this cache link from Krempasky's blog, where he defends Jeff Gannon, Talon News and GOPUSA but fails to mention this or this. Nor did he mention it when he went to Daily Kos to "answer questions" and to correct Markos who wrongly mocked Jeff Gannon's claim that Talon News had 700,000 users a day (Markos should leave the blogging to his fellow Kossers and stick to consulting political candidates on the sly): Mike on Kos - "Anyone can take what i write with a grain of salt. You can verify it, or call me out - it's all good." (NOTE to Mike: Unlike the Kossers, I'd gladly share a beer with I would with any other can be De Niro and I'll play Pacino like in Michael Mann's Heat).

I'd also like to give a shout-out to starroute who has done some amazing work on what he calls "Roadmap of Hell -- guide to right-wing scammers and dirty tricksters" which was posted in September, 2004 at Democratic Underground.

More Later

Update - I had to make a change to this post. I misread something that I linked to, and I unfairly called Mike a liar because of my mistake (unfair for just this particular instance), and I should never have linked to the google cache in the first place since it contained unnecessary personal information. Peace.

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