Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More On Gannon's "Internal Government Memo" Lie

Since Bobby Eberle knew full well that Jeff Gannon/Guckert was nothing more than another GOPUSA copy-and-paster, and never had access to any "secret file" I believe that the actions of Talon News in exploiting this lie could be considered a conspiracy (again i ain't a lawyer...but hopefully Honest Partisan isn't the only lawyer that reads me) to impede and obstruct an ongoing federal investigation.

On March 9, 2004, Jim Hauser's article "Federal Grand Jury Could Subpoena Talon News Correspondent" (cache link) ran on the Talon News/GOPUSA Websites. Gannon interviewed by Talon News: "I will tell you that the information did not come from inside the administration," Gannon told Talon News. "For something that is supposed to be classified, it seems that this document is easily accessible."

Again. This is another lie. And even if Gannon did confess his plagiarism to the FBI (and I still don't think he did), these words should still be considered an attempt to block a federal investigation, all for the sake of hyping Bobby Eberle's fake-ass news organization.

I'm still working on check this post for updates. Also...I'm going to be starting a second page to hold my talon news/gopusa archives because updating the last one so many times made it a little might be better off just reading the archives for the month of February instead - link - because some of the posts on that page (especially the Mike Krempasky interview which is very informative) are nearly impossible to read without line breaks.


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