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Newsmax & GOPUSA

A few days ago I mentioned the Millions of Americans website, formerly owned by Bruce Eberle but now owned by Bobby Eberle, who is, at best, a distant relation (I still can't confirm whether or not any money changed hands in the transaction). As one of its services, MOA charged conservative Websites a fee to send out e-mails to all of it's subscribers (many of the subscribers were unaware of this) and promote it.

If you went to the MOA Website a year ago, you would have seen this ( link) wonderful offer:

291,000 Conservative opt-in email names

Millions of Americans is one of the premier conservative websites, started by conservative activists for conservative activists; MOA represents a one-stop source for conservative news, information, online petitions, polls, and more. Most recently 67,000 brand new MOA activists have signed a petition to Congress to introduce a constitutional amendment to protect the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as opted in to receive email on furthering the conservative cause. Other issues these activists have gotten behind are: During the presidential election standoff 335,000 signed petitions to Florida election officials urging certification for Bush When that was accomplished 282,000 signed a petition urging Al Gore to concede Later 275,000 signed a petition to hasten confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General

Get these conservative activists behind your cause today

Many top conservative organizations have already used this list, call for additional usage or any other information. For a sample MOA email go to and click on ‘Sample MOA email.’

Royalty Rate $30/M with a $500 minimum order 20% commission to recognized brokers & agencies

Clicking on the link for sample MOA email back then ( link) would lead you to this: Activists:
Our friends at Newsmax have pulled of a coup and signed up Bill O'Reilly as a regular columnist for their monthly magazine. For those of you who have not seen O'Reilly on Fox News, he's one of the best journalists in America. I love to watch him when he traps liberals like Dan Rather in his "no spin zone."

If you want to join the 160,000 Americans who are already Newsmax readers, see below.

At MillionsofAmericans we are currently going through some changes. In the coming months we will again be needing you to take action to help the cause. In the meantime, check out the offer from Newsmax.

For Integrity,
Bruce Eberle

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 3:07 PM
To: Bruce Eberle
Subject: Bill O'Reilly to be NewsMax Magazine Regular
Important News from

Bill O'Reilly to be NewsMax Magazine Regular

NewsMax is glad to announce that Bill O'Reilly's column will appear each month in NewsMax's monthly magazine.

O'Reilly is the star of Fox News Channel's top-rated "O'Reilly Factor."

The best-selling author was also voted by NewsMax readers as "the most trusted journalist in America" for the year 2000.

NewsMax magazine is the print version of and is mailed each month to more than 160,000 readers.

You know NewsMax is America's #1 online source for news the liberal media just won't report -- and became famous breaking story after story during the Election Crisis when Al Gore tried to steal the election.

NewsMax is edited by Christopher Ruddy, who broke the Vince Foster story wide-open and was named the #1 press enemy of the Clinton White House by the Washington Post.

Now NewsMax has a special report on what Hillary Clinton is doing to prepare to run for President in 2004. The press won't report it, but it's all true!

To get this valuable report free and a special offer for NewsMax magazine:
Special Offer

Bill O'Reilly joins an impressive lineup that appear in NewsMax magazine, including David Limbaugh and Paul Craig Roberts.

NewsMax magazine also gives exclusive hard-hitting investigative reports. In the June edition, the magazine's cover story focuses on Alan Greenspan and why the Fed chief is on the outs with the new Bush administration.

NewsMax has a special offer to Web readers: you can get a free four-month subscription to the magazine plus a Special Report on Hillary Clinton's presidential plans -- a $40 value --by signing up today.

To take advantage of this offer, click here: Don't miss the NewsMax magazine! It also has exclusive insight from NewsMax regulars Christopher Ruddy, John LeBoutillier, Carl Limbacher, Dan Frisa, Mike Savage, Barry Farber and many others.

For more details or to get this free offer, click here now: Special Offer

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