Saturday, February 26, 2005

Read Susan G., That's An Order!

Susan G. from Propagannon - the blogger who definitely deserves the most credit for this worldwide blog investigation (props also to America Blog, The Raw Story, stubborn-ass Media Matters, and good ole Eschaton and everyone - including, yeah, him, too - at Daily Kos for helping to keep this scandal alive even if the Media won't, along with every other blogger and blog reader out there that has played any part, some still undiscovered and unrecognized), wrote a most-excellent diary that concludes with this powerful declaration regarding our community: "We as a people now own this moment of our history."

Don't just read Susan G.'s diary. Print it up and circulate it among all of your non-blogger friends, co-workers, relatives and neighbors.

I'd also like to thank Mykeru for his great post on why Talon News shut down last week: "The actual fatal blow came when Why Are We Back in Iraq, who had been doing point work on the Gannon/Talon plagiarism angle, demonstrated that if Talon News contained any really original content, Guckert aside, it must have been random typographical errors."

Mykeru also has a parody Jeff Gannon page...that contains some nudity I must warn...and since my feelings on the other "angle" to this story are well-known...I'd just like to say that anything's game when it comes to parody or satire...and it's too fucking funny not to give a link to: Not Jeff Gannon.

Later tonight, I'll be putting all of my posts that deal primarily with the subject of the Talon News plagiarism on one page (as one of my readers suggested on one of my haloscan comment threads): Grand Old Plagiarism USA Archive.

Now, excuse me, while I go back to reading my stack of archived Talon News articles; a blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do. Peace.


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