Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Talon News, The Raw Story & Rep, John Conyers

And then it happens.

John Byrne of The Raw Story wrote an article today which "broke" the news about my posts on the plagiarism of Steve Roeder (Talon News reporter ’serial plagiarist’): "Progressive blogger Ron Brynaert first raised concern about the ‘reporter’s ‘reporting’ Feb. 6 on his blog, “Why Are We Back in Iraq?“, though his findings have received scant attention." Mr. Byrne also turned up another example of Roeder stealing "an identical paragraph" from a Fox News story on Bush's State of the Union speech."

Well, I can't complain about that anymore. Even AMERICAblog.com linked to my blog: "I'm republishing some of WhyAreWeBack's research below, with due credit - please visit their site for the rest of this story and credit THEM and Raw Story for finding this. And, this is only a PORTION of the evidence that blog found. There is literally TWICE this amount of stuff on his Web page, please do check it out."

Even better, one of the heroes of Objection Day, Rep. John Conyers referred to the story in an e-mail today (John again at The Raw Story "Conyers blasts ‘cut and paste’ reporting"): "In an email Tuesday evening, Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich.) called Jeff Gannon a “stenographer for White House press releases,” and another reporter’s apparent plagiarism “cutting and pasting” reporting. “These new revelations continue to call into question the journalistic credentials of Talon News, and ‘Jeff Gannon,’” Rep. Conyers wrote. “We already know Gannon was a stenographer for White House press releases, and now we know Steve Roeder’s ‘reporting’ consisted of cutting and pasting from the Fox News website,” Conyers added. “Was Talon News really a not so slickly designed conveyer belt for White House propaganda?”"

More conveyor belt cut-and-paste stories coming up from more Talon News/GOPUSA stenographers coming to a url near you real soon. Peace.


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