Thursday, February 10, 2005

Terri Hillhouse: Op-Ed Editor for GOPUSA

Terri Hillhouse, a member of the Board of Directors for GOPUSA (bio), serves as the Op-Ed editor and Forum Administrator for the Website, Vice President of Operations, and has written a number of articles for Talon News. The multi-tasking political activist, also belongs to the "Colorado Federation of Republican Women, her county Republican organization, The Christian Coalition, and Concerned Women of America" and has helped "to build Internet communities, ranging from very large community sites to several conservative political sites."

Terri Hillhouse - along with other GOPUSA contributors such as Vincent Fiore, Paul Weyrich and Chris Adamo - freelances as a columnist for Renew America, a grass-roots organization that supports the ideals of the "unequivocal pro-life, pro-family" super conservative Alan Keyes (link). What is Renew America all about? "To achieve our mission, we intend to fully utilize all available alternative media, as well as build a well-organized network (both electronic and conventional) of dedicated grassroots citizens in every part of our nation." (link)

I wonder what Terri Hillhouse might have to say about the sordid details of the Jeff Gannon scandal (Tas breaks it down). In June of 2004, Terri penned an editorial at attacking Illinois Senatorial candidate Jack Ryan right after allegations of sexual deviancy hit the papers (which came from unsealed divorce court testimony by his ex-wife, former Trekkie actress Jeri Ryan; more sordid details at Wikipedia). Terri observed (link): "It does no good for the young politically inclined conservative to say, 'What I do is my private business.' It is not. Not anymore. Young Republicans have a well earned reputation for sexual peccadillos. How many of these young people are throwing away tomorrow's political career for a few hours of fun and games today?" Shortly afterward, Jack Ryan bowed out of the race, allowing perennial losing candidate Alan Keyes to stage dive his way into the contest, and helped pave the way for Barack Obama's record landslide victory

I'm eagerly awaiting an editorial by Terri Hillhouse which will address Jeff Gannon's peccadillos, but I won't hold my breath.

Terri Hillhouse is no wingnut; she possesses great character. In response to an article written by a pacifist whose house had been robbed but was relieved to have been unarmed because she could have killed the intruders, Terri Hillhouse wrote this charming letter to the editor: "Would it have been all right if these men had not only raped and killed you but also raped and killed your 9 month old baby? Do you have enough gumption in your liberal soul to have protected your innocent child? No, I don't think so. You would both have just gone on to liberal heaven in loving peace while your attackers went down the street to attack another woman." As I mentioned: charming.

What would Terri Hillhouse have to say about the subject of government propaganda being used on American citizens? Maybe something like what she wrote in an e-mail to MSN in relation to the controversy involving the Bush Administration's use of fake news video reports (link): "Did you ever miss the boat! Yes, broadcast and print news sources are in trouble but it's not because of the White House. It's because of sleazy stories like this one. Instead of acknowledging the lack of honesty in the way news stories are selected and reported you chose to hang your premise on a video ad by the White House. You and others like you are the problem. We have learned that mainstream media is untrustworthy and so we have turned to the Internet where a wide variety of sources are available. You and yours are quickly being replaced and not a moment too soon."

Come on, Terri, who else are you working for?

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