Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thank You Atrios & Thank You Supportive E-mailers

If you think I'm the slightest bit upset with Atrios, think again. I think he's quite the man (and blogger) to print my e-mail. Don't compare him to Daniel Okrent. I gave him permission to do whatever he wanted with my tirade (which isn't dissimiliar to many of my what me worry?).

So what if some of you think I'm a loon. I am, a asshole. But I think this posting by Atrios will be a good thing for our community.

I can take anything. So feel free to scorn me in my comments.

This is the e-mail I sent Atrios yesterday:

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:21:06-0800 (PST)
From: "Ron Brynaert"
Subject: serial plagiarists


I know i've been a dick to you...and you also know i've still always hyped up your work... work on the talon news plagiarism has been recognized by some major sites...the raw story and

but what i really really want is a link on your blog...your blog is always one of my must-reads of the day...even when you wouldn't report on the election irregularities...

i guess there's probably a good chance you'd be linking to me on this story without me writing you...(i don't expect Markos to...thats for sure...and i wouldn't if i were him either...maybe) but even if you don't i'm still gonna be a fan of your work...and a daily reader...and a constant thorn in your side when i get pissed off (lol)

there isn't a website on the internet that i'd rather be linked to than definitely have been an influence to me

ron brynaert

I'd also like to highlight this comment Atrios left on his blog in response to some of his readers:

"normally all email correspondence is private, but since he said he was going to circulate..."

"More generally, I'm not instapundit. It isn't my job to link to everything. Quite frequently I see that other people have it covered, and don't bother. He probably has a valid gripe about media matters crediting raw story and not him, but I had nothing to do with the piece."

"I don't add people to the blogroll frequently because once I add them I feel like a dick for taking them off, which I feel inclined to do when people don't update for months. And, if my blogroll has 8 million links on it it's rather useless."

I responded with:

"i still think you should add the links atrios...put them on another should link to everyone on our that we can all become stronger on the internet"

thats what the right does...thats why their blogs dominate the top of the truthlaidbear website (not just because the bear is a republican tool)"

This is the Media Matters article that I refer to: Second Talon News reporter lifted passages from other sources without citation. A.S. wrote "Former Talon News Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent Jeff Gannon (aka James D. Guckert) used Bush administration and Republican National Committee documents and releases in his Talon "news reports" verbatim and without attribution, as Media Matters for America first noted. But Gannon is not the only Talon reporter to lift entire passages from other sources without citation. As the website The Raw Story reported on February 22, "Talon News correspondent Steve Roeder lifted passages, clauses and sentences from stories published by The New York Times, FOX News Channel and Reuters."

I wrote this yesterday:

hey....what about me

It took over two weeks to get the attention of the blogosphere...and I even posted this information about Steve Roeder's plagiarism here at this website right after...but it was ignored.

I believe I even sent an email.

Thanks for almost linking to me, A.S.

Then this today:

But I'm F**king pissed that this hasn't been rewritten to reflect that it was ME that discovered this on February 6th.

MEDIA MATTERS you have some nerve not changing this inaccurate post...

Do I have to waste time blogging about it on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the bigger blogs listened to smaller blogs than this story would have come out two weeks ago. That's my fucking point.


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