Monday, February 14, 2005

What The F Should I Title This?

In my continuing quest to forcefeed my gargantuan-headed opinions regarding ethics on all blogs that exist or ever even came close to existing on the Internetses, I feel it's my duty to issue a warning.

If you use the search engine for Yahoo to seek information on "why vote in iraq will help and benefit the country" (Yahoo link), you're not likely to find it here. In fact, the information that exists on this blog which contains my opinion on that matter is available here and it may not be to your liking.

That blogged. I'd also like to advise those seeking the size, shape or quality of any of Brad Pitt's appendages (or anyone else's) might also want to look elsewhere (that link I'm not handing out...I get too many hits from that query...although I hope I'm not offending anyone that got sidetracked and stuck with me and all my ripping and ranting...nothing wrong with wanting to know such things) because it's only a line in my play (can you link whore to yourself?).

Yeah, be nice, she's cool, I'm a copycat...but I've been getting a kick out of the Brad Pitt thing for the last year (I meant thing about the thing not the thing itself which I know nothing about and I promise never, ever to blog about it if I ever do find out anything about it unless by revealing said info it will result in a withdrawal of our troops from Iraq or significant election reform which will remove both parties from the entire equation and will be more verefiable and deserving of trust; or maybe a date with Jennifer Aniston) and reading your post and a recent one by Tas (get better soon, buddy) about being number one on the search engines for the fuck you pundit (that's the workplace unfriendly part of the post for the day).

Anyway...coming attractions copycat the "official" jeff gannon scandal blog who is promising a "big story" tomorrow...I do have some great stuff coming up on the GOPUSA/Talon News story...including more examples of plagiarism and government propaganda being passed off as news by other talon "newsers"...more information about "polling wizard" software...and more on connections (or at least suspicious coincidences) between GOPUSA and Renew America & Alan Keyes.

Speaking of Alan Keyes (in a roundabout way), I've spent much of Sunday exchanging e-mails with the man who left this comment on my haloscan on one of my posts: "For the record: Keyes' reaction his daugter is deplorable, despicable, and downright awful. He should be ashamed." It's gonna take me a day or two to shape it up and get it posted here (and do some fact-checking and googling of course or at least of course for me) but it will answer many questions that I've asked and many other bloggers have, as well. It will also clear up some huge misconceptions that are floating around...including some that he himself blogged about but still hovers out's those damn ethics infecting me again.

Enough beating around the Bush backer. One thing I'd like to advise all left-leaning bloggers, if Mike Krempasky ever stops by to respond to a post or engage in a discussion don't be an asshole and call him a troll or something even worse. Sure, he's responsible for this but that doesn't mean you can't be civil to the man. He's actually pretty cool and a bit of a free-thinker (although, trust me, we don't see eye-to-eye on almost anything). And he's helped fill in a lot of misshaped pieces about GOPUSA and Bobby and Bruce Eberle (I'll not just share a beer with you, Mike, if our paths ever cross, I'll insist on buying).

Ouch. Three links to right-leaning blogs as recommendations on one post (as opposed to condemnations which wouldn't be uncommon), perhaps I am a moleman, too (only I would have to be a Manchurian moleman because when I look in the mirror all I see is my bleeding heart). Peace.

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