Friday, March 25, 2005

Another Ricky Vandal?

(NOTE - If you haven't read about Ricky Vandal, the Freeper from the Netherlands with over 100 blogs to his name including "I love Jenna Bush", "The New-Democrat", "Bill Clinton Daily Diary", "John Kerry - The New Patriot", and "The Olsen Twins are evil" go to Loaded Mouth, which contains links to the plethora of posts Tas and I wrote about the troll)

Today, a diary at Daily Kos got my attention. It got a bunch of Kossacks' attention as well.

The diary, which is just a "copy-and-paste" from Wikipedia of some anti-Hillary stuff was started by a bozo who calls himself Gore2008.

Furi Kuri left this comment on the diary: "Isn't he just dreamy? Sigh. If you think that's funny, read his letter to Al Gore, or this diary, where he proclaims, er, well, skim through it, then read the last 3 entries. Then there's this - which has got to be good, because half of it is hidden and it's his last entry under that name. A very strange character." (Rina, Rabid Child and a few others also left some good responses).

This was the wackadoo's response, "Yes I know which part of the hell you are going to."

Other wackadoo comments at Daily Kos and elsewhere: "By the way you Democrats are the one who has to be blamed for that.Because You are the one voted for him and elected him." "I repeat if there is no Al Gore then No one else. How do I know this?? Its the same way I knew that Kerry would loose in 2004. Believe it or Not. Miracles do happen in this world although this world is controlled by the demon's Power." " Why don't you all get real and accept the reality and deal with it instead of Fantacizing. I wish that I could leave this plannet right now and go where I am belonged to instead dealing with you all, thats not going to happen any time soon. In other words I am responsible for my own destiny and I am struct here dealing with all these Premature and Imature beings." "Dean won't goto hell, you repubs will goto to Hell 2000000%."

Just like Ricky, the ideology seems to be all over the map. This guy is no Democrat, that's for sure.

So, I did some digging...and this is what I have so far (mostly...I did find something else that prompted me to send someone an e-mail...who I'll hopefully hear back from next week).

(NOTE: the who is links contain phone numbers and addresses...I do not post personal information on my blog and I hope anyone who reads this does not think my linking to these public addresses that were easily searchable on a public Website is any sort of invitation to behave like disrespect to my readers by stating the obvious...but I thought it important to include...and I think that the addresses and phone numbers are phoney anyway)

On September 25, 2003 Run Al sprang to life with Thilagavathy Ponnuthural listed as Administrator and Organization name along with an address from Edison, New Jersey (who is). The e-mail address for Mr. Ponnuthural is

On December 13, 2003 Elect Gore sprang to life with Thilagavathy Ponnuthural listed as Administrator and Organization name along with the same address who is). The e-mail address for Mr. Ponnutharal is

Another alias that Election 2008 employs is Nathan Jack.

This page lists a slightly different address and telephone number for the Run Al Gore Website so I doubt either one is correct.

The Elect Gore 2008 Website has no about page, but Run Al Gore does (about): "Basically I have been a software Developer for the Last 10 yrs. Graduated with degree in Computer Science. I have written several different Application Software in the Banking Industry, Health care Industry, communication Industry, Insurance and Few more other Industries." Too bad, his Website designs suck (I'm a writer not a computer programmer so if you think my design sucks too that doesn't make me a hypocrite).

One primary motive behind starting the Run Al Gore Website seemed to be to spread a bunch of lies about Howard Dean: "BreadandWine you have the nerve to Tell us that you want to make AL Gore as VP for Dean, Ok why don't you call AL Gore's office and tell him that right now. You are under the influence of some kind of Narcotics may be, You are under hallucination. Bush will easily defeat him this time, may be he can run again in 2008. I am sure you can become his Chief of Staff. Here are the links for Deans Flip Flop . I got this from thingy Gephardt's web site. Have fun." (link ).

There are some similiarities between Thilagavathy and Ricky Vandal. Both use a number of aliases. Both sell t shirts and hats. Both change up their writing styles. Both sometimes write like they are 8 years old...other times 13...other times they seem much older and reasonably intelligent. Both make references to "other" religions. Both speak of "warriors" and reincarnation. Both insult even people that seem to agree with them. Both are obviously agent provocateurs.

Perhaps there's some kind of factory that churns out these phoney-baloney "serial bloggers." Perhaps they're products of the Leadership Institute.

To be continued.


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