Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Big News To Come Later Tonight

There's a new development in the Jeff Gannon plagiarist story. So make sure you check back in a little bit.

I'd like to thank Michael Hussey and everyone else who has tried to help me get this story out. I'd also like to thank Weldon Berger who wrote an e-mail to which mentioned my work uncovering Jeff Gannon's plagiarism.

Bobby Eberle's Talon News was a plagiarism factory. Since February 6th, I've exposed Leslie Wetzel, Steve Roeder, Jeff Gannon and even Bobby Eberle as plagiarists who stole from mainstream media organizations such as the Associated Press, The New York Times, Reuters, Fox News and many smaller publications.

I'd also like to thank Susan G of Propagannon, America Blog, Salon, CJR, Corrente, Jay Rosen at Press Think, David Anderson at ISOU, and everyone else who wrote about this a month ago though it unfortunately seeped through the cracks.

Also thanks to "my good friend" Atrios for linking to me today. Those that know the background of our "friendship" should remember that I've always been a fan of his work though we've been involved in a sort-of one-sided feud over the last month. I've continued to link to his stories (and to Media Matters), and I'm heartened that he was able to do the same for me.

Finally, I'd especially like to thank my friends and my favorite bloggers who have written about the plagiarism (and other work I've done) so many times that I can never thank them enough: Tas at Loaded Mouth; John Byrne at The Raw Story; ~A!, Mixter and Ryan Fenno at Watching The Watchers; and The Common Ills (but I have so many other friends that are incredible bloggers that I'm leaving out).

Ryan Fenno also deserves a ton of credit for helping me on some of the stories, especially the articles on Leslie Wetzel.


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