Monday, March 07, 2005

Bobby Eberle & I Agree (partly) On Why We Are Back In Iraq

On April 2, 2003, Bobby Eberle, the captain of the crew of literary pirates at Talon News, participated in an interview with some scary, unnamed person at (who helped co-sponsor an Online Rally for America with; what this means or how much they spent or what the money was spent for I have no idea and I'm not sure what the online rally entailed other than just letting Bobby Eberle add more names and addresses to his mailing lists, but it must be okay since Bobby did it to support our troops).

It's not very often that you get to hear the truth about why we are in Iraq. And while it's true these two neocons are a couple of yo-yos you can bet that they didn't come up with these ideas all by their lonesome:

EVOTE.COM: Some people suggest that the invasion of Iraq is simply a US grab of Iraqi oil. Even if we assume that's true, is that necessarily a bad thing?

EVOTE.COM: The US invests over 350 billion in its military forces and has very little to show for it beyond some monies injected into local economies surrounding domestic military bases.

EVOTE.COM: Wouldn't the acquisition of a major oil producing area be a good return on that investment?

Bobby Eberle: First off, securing Iraq's oil fields is in the best interest of the entire world.

Bobby Eberle: The global economy is based on oil markets to a large extent.

Bobby Eberle: So, making sure they are stable is good policy.

Bobby Eberle: Those who say we shouldn't fight for oil do not see the big picture.

EVOTE.COM: So ultimately we're using our military to secure capitalism around the world by securing a global market? Why can't the United States gain from this event financially?

Bobby Eberle: Also, as everyone knows, there are a lot more reasons to fight Iraq than just the oil.

Bobby Eberle: I'm sure all countries will gain from a free Iraq.

Bobby Eberle: Our aim is to help fight terrorism, and liberate a people.

Bobby Eberle: We are also fighting for our own freedom.

Bobby and I agree about the oil part. Though, of course, I don't agree with it; just the reasons why. As for the "[w]e are also fighting for our own freedom" part, I don't know what in tarnation the bad doctor is talking about but I think it has something to do with Mel Gibson's Braveheart which had some kick-ass fight scenes and the blue-paint-on-the-face motif was also cool.


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