Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Did Anyone Hear About The Hearing In Ohio? (Part 3)

Not enough blog coverage of the Ohio hearing (see last two posts).

Especially before (I didn't get there until early Monday morning myself though I got word late Friday night).

Elaine, part of The Common Ills community (The Common Ills is probably the most important blog in the blogosphere because in addition to the incredible Media and Indy Media coverage that T.C.I. posts seemingly around-the-clock, much of the content of the blog is culled from the e-mails that the readers send in and most of it beats anything you read on one of those...oh yeah...I pulled back my forces because some a-listers are reaching out more) wrote an unspecified blogger about the Ohio hearing and was informed "that it doesn't matter because it's a "GOP led" committee."

That doesn't mean it doesn't matter, unnamed blogger. It matters. Believe me. Believe The Common Ills community. It matters.

Rebecca at Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude is another blogger who thinks that it matters. And - at her blog and at The Common Ills - she led me to another blogger who thinks that it matters (one that I've neglected lately in my blog surfing).

Jude Nagurney Camwell is one of my favorite fellow bloggers (and one of the best) in the Progressive Blog Alliance, and she wrote a great article called "Your Vote: Worthless in the Eyes of Media" at her blog, iddybud.

Jude wrote "Sometimes it seems like we're living in a world I like to call Bushworld - a topsy-turvy rightwing-heavy universe where everything that truly matters is given the lowest priority. Our elections mean everything to the survival of our republican democracy. The Washington Times has given a big megaphone to Ferrell Blount, Republican North Carolina state chairman, who is whining about John Edwards getting some free "visibility" at Chapel Hill, but stop a moment to listen to their deafening silence about John Edwards' "media-invisiblity" in relation to today's Congressional Committee investigation about the state of the American electoral process."

One final note. As Rebecca notes, "and isn't jude a groovy blogger? she's a woman and we're supposedly wondering where the female bloggers are so why doesn't she get more attention for all her hard work? or is that all 'so last week' already?"

No, Rebecca. It will never be 'so last week' on this blog until the truth comes out that us guys are only the equal to the myriad of exceptionally talented political women bloggers on the left (here's some of the ones that I've enjoyed reading for some time, some every day: Flogging The Simian, Annatopia, A Winding Road, Mixter's Mix, Ang's Weird Ideas, Rox Populi, Mad Kane, Mouse Musings, The Rogue Angel, and on the other side - though sometimes a real treat when she sides with us - Blonde Sagacity or "be nice, she's cool" as I permalink her...there's a bunch I'm forgetting but I'll getcha later) and certainly not any better yet maybe not always as good.

(lol...and, Rebecca, thanks for calling me "a great guy" and for digging my "don't take any shit attitude"...likewise)


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