Friday, March 11, 2005

Fake Ass News Google Bombing

The Nashua Advocate has a must-read story which shows how far-reaching GOPUSA's "articles" travel on the Internet, even if most of us never heard of, Talon News or Men's News Daily until a month-and-a-half ago. GOPUSA shut down Talon News right after Propagannon exploded, but now they've switched to Cybercast News Service (CNS was formerly the Conservative News Service) fronted by William F. Buckley's nephew, Brent Bozell, who also fronts such conservative groups as the Conservative Victory Committee, the Media Research Center and the Parents Television Council (basically, he's the guy that got most of America to believe that there was such an animal as a liberal media).

The Advocate Staff reports that CNS "bears striking similarities to Talon News, apart from its association as a news client for" The staff somehow managed to snag an interview with Scott Hogenson, the Executive Editor at CNS: "Hogenson (full bio here) is, among other things, the former Radio Services Manager for the Republican National Committee. He is also a former writer and producer for GOPTV, and was the Director of Radio Operations for three Republican National Conventions. In other words, he's not that connected."

Fuck the traditional Media. Fuck the traditional Press. Fuck The New York Times (except for the magnificent Frank Rich who will be returning to the Op-Ed page in the Sunday paper, though I hope that doesn't mean that he'll have less room to expound).

Twenty-first century journalism in America, for the most part, only exists online. Incredible work is being accomplished by bloggers like the Daily Kos members involved with Susan G. and Propagannon, John Byrne at The Raw Story and the staff of the Nashua Advocate.

While Bobby Eberle and Jeff Gannon make the rounds at traditional news forums, they wouldn't dare to answer questions from the bloggers who aren't afraid to go for the jugular and don't give a fuck about ratings and aren't looking to gain favor with an evil, godless Administration which possesses the power to prevent them from exorbitantly expanding their excrementitious empires.

The New York Times allowed Bobby Eberle to turn their one interview with him into a nice press release which left him completely off the hook. The New York Times doesn't even give a shit that Bobby Eberle stole from them. Contrast that with the interview that the Nashua Advocate scored with Scott Hogenson: "He also wasn't that happy when The Advocate spoke with him over allegations that his organization, intentionally or unintentionally, has been "Google-bombing"--a procedure through which the structure of a media organization's intranet allows it to appear countless times on search engines with a single news story."

Now make sure you go to the Nashua Advocate blog and finish reading the story for yourself. And that goes for you, too, any New York Times journalists that are reading this blog. I guys get paid for this about doing a little bit more fucking research.

How come bloggers like broke-ass me and the others I've mentioned have to do all the fucking work? These days, you guys really suck.


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