Thursday, March 24, 2005

Go Conyers, Go Conyers!

(Hat Tip to The Raw Story)

Does Michigan Congressman John Conyers Jr., ever sleep? I have no idea how Rep. Conyers finds the time to fight for us every chance he gets, but he does, and how.

Congressman Conyers wrote an incredible article in defense of us bloggers called "Bloggers Have Rights Too" (link which should be linked by every single blog in the blogosphere...but at least I know some of us will). Here are some of my favorite parts of the article (but don't just read the highlights, follow the link and read the rest of what this great defender of our rights has to say):

"The Internet has proved to be the greatest advancement in our ability to disseminate news and information since the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg in 1450."

"The confluence of these two cases indicates that we are at a turning point in the evolution of Internet-based media. I believe bloggers have shown they warrant First Amendment protection for several reasons."

"First, bloggers have become widely accepted as legitimate news gatherers and disseminators. Columbia University's Project for Excellence in Journalism reports that 32 million Americans are currently turning to blogs for their information. Bloggers were granted press passes to both the Democratic and Republican national conventions last summer, and the White House recently approved the first blog press pass to a day's gaggle."

"Bloggers should be classified as journalists and given First Amendment protections based on the function they perform, not the form of their transmissions. Properly understood, the First Amendment applies to all those who report with journalistic integrity--offline or online."

"We need to protect bloggers' First Amendment rights so they can help us protect our own citizens' rights."

Congressman Conyers also made some changes to his wonderful blog: ConyersBlog. "In response to many comments, the blog is now interactive, with a comments section. It also now allows linking to individual posts. In the days ahead, I will be reading your comments and, where appropriate, responding to them."

I'm telling you, this Congressman is unbelievable. Go to his blog and tell him how much you appreciate everything that he has done for us. Specifically, his battles for election reform and against propaganda.

From his latest post (Preserving Democracy Continued): "I am not encouraged by press or other accounts I have heard, which make clear that Blackwell has yet to come clean about what happened in Ohio. Indeed, Mr. Blackwell reportedly still clings to the notion that "Ohio...had one of the best Election Administration performances in the country." If by that he means that he was the best Secretary of State in the nation at weighing the paper that registration forms were printed on, well...I wholeheartedly agree. If, however, he means treating voters fairly, I don't know who to believe: him or my lying eyes?"

That latest post includes a link to some video footage (as well as a plug for the "indefatigible Brad Friedman of BradBlog) shot last November which shows what happened in Ohio (there's one incredible tracking shot which shows you a line of fifty-plus Americans who waited in line in the pouring rain for hours to vote), so make sure you visit the ConyersBlog.


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