Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm Watching The Watchers & Women Who Blog

~A!, one of my favorite bloggers (and best friends) has invited me to join the team at Watching The Watchers. I'm billed as Ron Brynaert: Pissed off blogger-savant.

My first two articles were cross-posts from here about Jeff Gannon.

But my last two articles are Watcher exclusives so you won't read them here:

" The Army/Air Force/New York Times Hometown Good News Service" and " Bill & Ted Journalist’s Excellent (But Bogus) Study of Liberal Bias In The MSM."

While you're there (those of you who follow these linkie things that I post all the time) make sure you check out Why Are We Back In Iraq? guest-blogger Ryan Fenno's "Another Churchill" and Mixter's " The batteries on my bullshit alarm are dying…."

(NOTE TO MAUREEN DOWD - Mixter's one of those seriously opinionated female bloggers that you don't believe exist. I don't give a shit what you MSMers (okay...I am normally a fan of Maureen Dowd's...just not this week) learn from the bigger blogger blogs. Most of the best bloggers on the Internet are women and I link to at least a couple dozen of the best. "Male bloggers predominate" because well...why not check out Rebecca at (the wondefully titled) Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude - another one of the best damn bloggers on the Internet - and see what she has to say about this: where are the women bloggers? well stop looking for the mainstream media to tell you about them. I hope to have a post up in a day or two expanding on this topic so I can give props to the smarter and better half of the hu-manandwoman race)


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