Saturday, March 05, 2005

Late, Late Friday Night Blog Links

(NOTE - My cats passed away a few years ago, and since there is no digital photography in Cat Heaven, instead I'm going to spotlight a few blogs that don't feature cat pictures - Tiger and Shaggy aka Evil aka Monster might get jealous. I'll try to do this every Friday...but you've heard enough promises from me about posts-to-come which have still yet-to-get-here.)

Tas at Loaded Mouth has a bone to pick with Editor and Publisher for claiming that Darfur is bigger than Paris Hilton's stolen phone numbers: Really?. Perhaps if us bloggers wrote more about the hell that exists in Sudan today at least as much as Tas does, there might be less bones to be picked for food by the starving masses of regular-people=just-like-us over there. This is the first time I blogged about I'm just as guilty as others for somehow overlooking GENOCIDE.

...and on a lighter note...

Three Breaking Blogger Exclusives:

The Common Ills reports that the former actress who once played Gloria Bunker is set to replace the mysteriously jettisoned Lizz Winstead from Air America's Unfiltered: Breaking News.

Jeneane Sessum at Allied has the scoop on a lawsuit filed by the United Nations against Harvard University: For Immediate Release.

...those last two I know are true...this next one can't possibly be...

Mixter at Watching The Watchers claims that George Bush said that democracy "cannot succeed so long as she is occupied by a foreign power" (D.C.S.I.A.C.I.O.B.A.F.P.) but I don't say how he could have said that without at least adding "unless we bomb the shit out of it first."

Talon News/GOPUSA Beat

John Aravosis at America Blog shows up David Corn and others who continue to defend Jeff Gannon as undeserving of being labelled homophobic: For Those Who...

John Byrne's The Raw Story offers a few quotes from unnamed Democratic aides and strategists who tear into the large media organizations who have made a mockery out of our press, while the "White House gets away with murder" and stuff like "the Jeff Gannon situation" continue to happen: Senior Democratic staff on Capitol Hill lash out at mainstream press, question Dems.

Finally, let NYU Journalism Associate Professor Jay Rosen at Press Think school you on what "de-certifying" the press is all about (De-Certifying the Press, Continued), a "press puzzle" he's written about for the last year-and-a-half, before most of us knew anything about Jeff Gannon or Talon News.

Peace all.

Unrelated Note - Yesterday, in a wide-bullshit-ranging interview with the New York Post, Dubya said that "the subject that is most on my mind right now is getting Syria out of Lebanon." Yeah. Well then why the fuck are we still in Iraq if that's not the top subject on your mind...commander-in-chief my ass)

(Update - Don't miss Penis Blogging Friday at Corrente: The Farmer)


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