Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oliver Willis Admits To Knowingly Ripping Me Off

I always thought Oliver Willis was pretty, damn smart. I was wrong.

Oliver Willis is so fucking stupid that he tells other bloggers to look up words in the dictionary that he doesn't understand himself. That kryptonite he claims to possess on his blog must be up his fucking ass.

Oliver Willis left three comments on my blog in the last twenty-four hours attacking me for having the gall to be upset about the Media Matters article which left me out.

But Oliver Willis fucked up. Oliver Willis right here on this blog admitted to something that I would consider plagiarism.

Full Disclosure - Oliver Willis claimed on his blog the other day that he would be open to looking at articles that smaller bloggers send him to link to. I sent him a link to my article at Watching the Watchers which proved that the recent study which showed that Bush was attacked more than Kerry in the Media last year was bullshit since it was taken mostly before the Swift Boat Veteran Attacks. But I don't know if Oliver ever even read my e-mail. I do know that he came to my blog because I linked to his blog. But he's such an elitist circle jerker that he can't even respond to my e-mail, instead he comes to my blog and proves his elitism.

These comments are from the "Fucking Elitist Circle Jerkers" post:

You're outta your mind if you think Duncan spends all day reading his comments. And please -- look up plagiarism in a dictionary, cause it seems like you dont understand the meaning.

Oliver | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 3:51 am | #

Theft of ideas, buddy.

That idea was already on his fucking blog and I'm pretty damn sure Mr. Somersby saw it too when he did his googling.

I fucking take the time to do my fucking research.

If you're going to post a fucking article that say's that you couldn't find out'd have to be a real fucking moron not to check your comments to see if someone else did.

And Atrios isn't a moron. I don't believe you are either. You both happen to be bloggers I respect but not for your researching or your sense of "community."

But maybe Atrios doesn't respect his own fucking readers. He needs to see a bigger blogger blog about it before he gives credit where it's fucking due.

I don't know. We don't communicate.

Do you? If you do, give my best to the gang.

Ron Brynaert | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 4:42 am | #

These comments are from the "The Notorious B.L.O.G." post:

You are unbalanced. How much backstory on where a link comes from do you think we should give at Media Matters? The Raw story link credits you right up front. Oh jesus.

Oliver | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 3:54 am | #

I'm unbalanced?

Why the fuck don't you read fucking letters at Media Matters?

If John Byrne didn't write about my guys never fucking would've.

And if I'm unbalanced...a whole lot of other bloggers must be unbalanced as well...since they understand my beef.

Backstory...fuck you...It was my fucking story. And why the fuck didn't you ever blog about it at your blog?

Even to this day...I still read right wing bloggers and hear Republicans on television who say that Talon News didn't plagiarize...because they only know about the press releases.

If you fucking blogged about it, Oliver, instead of leaving comments on my haloscan (now...and the day of the atrios post) maybe more people could learn about this.'d rather pretend that this is a one-sided war within the blogosphere.

I got news for you, bucko, this war is the same war that's being fought in the mainstream media and the same war that's being fought in the Democratic Party.

You're still one of my favorite bloggers, though.'re as big of an asshole as me and the blogs I love and link to nearly every day.

But you're wrong about this, Oliver. You guys fucked up. You ignored my email...and you ignored what I posted at Media Matters...and you only prove my point.

That there is a huge, huge problem on our side of the blogosphere.

That you guys don't listen.

Ron Brynaert | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 5:56 am | #

I read your email, and we can't just throw shit up like blogs do. Sheesh.

Oliver | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 3:43 pm | #

Oliver... you've taken the place of biggest asshole on the internet

i got news for you matters is a fucking blog and so is your fucking website....and everything I put on my blog is backed up with evidence and links compared to the half-ass shit that you usually post

so fuck you

you elitist dickhead

Ron Brynaert | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 6:47 pm | #

And thanks for linking to the article i emailed you about

you're a fucking two bit fucking phoney...

Ron Brynaert | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 6:48 pm | #

So there it is. Oliver Willis read my letter weeks before the Raw Story story. He knew full well that Media Matters had that information first. Oliver Willis didn't do anything with my highly researched work because he thinks his fucking blogs are better than mine.

It was a lie for Media Matters to claim that the story broke out on the 27th...and it was bullshit of them not to correct that mistake.

Now, technically, throwing the word "plagiarism" at Oliver Willis might seem a little unfair. But the fact that he knew about my letter but said nothing and did nothing, to me, does qualify as theft of ideas.

If I publish something on my blog...knowing that weeks before someone already posted it...and I don't give proper credit...even if I link to an article that does acknowledge proper credit...that's fucking plagiarism. Because I possessed the knowledge of where that idea originated from but I left it fucking out.

As for Atrios.

Here's a comment left by the small blogger that he "plagiarized" from the other day:

I had no illusions that Atrios would notice - let alone acknowledge - my post. Being well below the A, B, or even C list of bloggers, I try to not delude myself that one of the 800 lb gorillas will take note of my work. But it is nice when someone does notice and gives credit where due, so thanks.

Doug | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 11:00 am | #

You see. To the elitist circle jerkers it's like we don't even fucking exist.

Two fucking asshole elitist circle jerkers that can't even fucking google are telling me, a blogger that spends approximately ten hours doing research for each of his posts, that I don't matter and that only they do. Because I'm just a fucking blogger.

I'm not a fucking plagiarist either. And plagiarism applies to not giving credit where credit is due. And Oliver Willis and Atrios, like it or not, but you're both fucking plagiarists. How does it feel?

You can call me an asshole. But you can't call me elitist or a plagiarist so fuck both of you and the blogs you rode in on.

And fuck Media Matters, too. How the fuck are we supposed to know that David Brock isn't gonna turn on us later? Once a turncoat, always a turncoat. Other blogs do what Media Matters do even better. Don't support Media Matters because they obviously don't support us.


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