Thursday, March 17, 2005

Same Meme (cont'd)

Okay, three in a row is pushing it, but since there is interest I've got one more in me. Tomorrow, I promise I return to fighting crime instead of firing at friendlies.

I wanted to link to these two articles weeks ago...but I basically chickened out.

Now I'm going to.

The first linked article is long; I warn you. But it's more than worth the effort and time invested. It contains the kind of digging that you see on this blog a lot. The kind of digging that you don't see too often except on a number of Kos diaries (some recommended, too many unfortunately that just disappear for various reasons, none of them good), at Loaded Mouth, at Watching the Watchers and at Flogging The Simian (there are many others, many that I probably haven't even stumbled upon yet but hopefully will soon).

These two links will explain why I've been more than a bit pissed off the last few months. The difference - between me and THEM - is that I do it here out in the open under my real name while they do it in the shadows and behind everyone's backs.

Third Estate Sunday Review: "Editorial: We Once Noted That the Watchdog as Lapdog, Now We Note That Whatever It Is, It's Inbred!" (link).

Third Estate Sunday Review: "Editorial: A note to one reader" (link).

Okay. So you've read both articles all the way through and you're still a little bit confused. I apologize but I can't go into more detail until I hear from "one reader" who I assume will be reading this post. I also apologize to the Third Estate Sunday Review for linking these two articles together when they took great pains (if you read the second article, you'd know that it was a 2-3 vote) to keep the two separate (Full disclosure: I have recently exchanged e-mails with the Third Estate Sunday Reviewers but I know nothing more than what I figured out from reading their blog).

But I knew the second I started reading "A note to one reader" which reader it was addressed to (and you can bet he did too). I also know that even though I criticize Atrios and Markos and others I still keep going to their blogs and I still keep linking to them when I see something that demands linkage (and they also remain permalinked on my blogroll). I have no idea who the other characters in the "A note to one reader" story are, and I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt to the bloggers I've named in this post that they are not them. Only the Third Estate Sunday Reviewers know and they ain't telling.

This post is dedicated to the heroism of Herbert Biberman, Albert Maltz, Lester Cole,— Dalton Trumbo, John Howard Lawson, Alvah Bessie, Samuel Ornitz, Ring Lardner Jr., Edward Dmytryk, and Adrian Scott. If you don't know who they are, google them.


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