Sunday, March 13, 2005

White Revolution In The New York Times


The New York Times frequently posts articles about blogs and sometimes posts articles with information ripped straight from blogs (instead of providing some links to support this I'd suggest you check the paper any day of the week for examples of both or either). Most times, The New York Times doesn't even mention the name of the blog or provide a url or a link on its Website. Not that that's unusual for the majority of the Mainstream Media and America's Press; most of the stories about us and from us neglect us.

Earlier today, The Common Ills posted an excerpt from a letter written by blogger Luke of wotisitgood4 about a Website that The New York Times linked to in an article written by Jodi Wilgoren (aided by unspecified contributions by David Bernstein and Gretchen Ruethling and whomever else at The New York Times or elsewhere that isn't mentioned) which was published on March 11, 2005.

WOTISITGOOD4: "im kinda surprised that jodi (and the nyt) actually quoted a white-hate website - and if that isnt enough, they actually linked to it! it seemed totally gratuitous. its not everyday that the nyt links to a site in an article... - maybe she is an apologist?" (link)

"jodi also mentioned WhiteRevolution in an earlier nyt article - the article ends with this seemingly inexplicable quote "I don't feel bad that Judge Lefkow's family was murdered today. In fact, when I heard the story, I laughed." which doesnt seem to even have a point." (link)

Can you fucking believe this shit? Does Jodi Wilgoren fucking support the White Revolution? Do any employees at The New York Times belong to it or agree with their principles?

(Sorry, but I'm not giving any links to the at-least-twice-quoted news source for The New York Times, so you'll have to google them or just go to the Website of the "paper of record" for the link)

Perhaps The New York Times might find a good quote to pull from an article at the White Revolution Website entitled "Kosherizing Phone Lines" by Johnny Laughlin: "The internet has long been the jews’ worst nightmare, because it have given gentiles like us a podium to talk from and comrades to listen to. Never before in the history of mankind has the concept of “White Pride World israel phoneWide” been so real as it is today since the creation and expansion of the information super highway."

Maybe The New York Times might see fit to print something from "Revolution for Dummies" written by Ben Vinyard: "Our enemies are not omnipotent and we make a mistake in our propaganda when we display them as such. I can’t think of any effective war-time propaganda machine that consistently reports enemy victories and allied failures day in/day out. There’s a fine line between informing the public about the crimes against our race and appearing defeatist. Constantly hearing about how many niggers raped a White girl today, uncontrolled non-White immigration and more hate crime laws passed against Whites can grow wearisome and, inadvertently, give the impression our enemies are unbeatable."

The Mission Statement for The White Revolution states that "We recognize that so long as the news and entertainment media around the world are controlled by an alien race and their collaborators, who use their power and influence to control public opinion and the electoral process, there is no possibility for Whites to democratically regain control of our own destiny." Perhaps they should amend that statement so that they can give Jodi Wilgoren and The New York Times the credit they deserve for helping them spread their message.


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