Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why Are We Back On

Brad Friedman just posted some GREAT news at The Brad Blog. Bobby Eberle, the grandaddy of the plagiarism factory Talon News, has picked up the Cybercast News Service story that I referred to last night, the one that picked on Brad and me for picking on the American Center For Voting Rights: Howdy Bobby Eberle. And the rat bastard GOP propagandists still didn't permalink me and I hooked them both up with liberal links.

This sentence by Brad gets my pick for Best Sentence In A Blog if there's a category next year for that at Wampum: "In an apparent attempt to shore up the discredited American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) (see BRAD BLOG's Special Coverage on ACVR for more info) -- the phony "Voting Rights" group set up by Bush/Cheney/RNC operatives to provide a smoke-screen from what really went wrong in the 2004 general election -- GOPUSA, the phony "news" service created by Republican operative and shadowy money-meister, Bobby Eberle, most famous for creating the phony Talon News group, headlined by professional hooker cum phony journalist James Guckert (better known for his phony White House Correspondent name Jeff Gannon) is re-running the story published yesterday by their sister-phony-"news" group, Cybercast News Service (CNS) on the phony ACVR operation."

Links and even more dirt on ACVR at The Brad Blog.

I give Bobby Eberle full permission to run any post that he'd like from my blog which covers the rampant plagiarism at his former "news" service.

In other news about fake news, the gang from Propagannon now known as ePlurbius Media have a great diary at Daily Kos which should also piss off our buddy, Jeff Gannon: Fake Reporter Running Sham Nonprofit?

The Press may have overlooked you fake, phoney GOP shills and operatives for the last three years but you can't run from the bloggers who practice real journalism.

John Aravosis at Americablog keeps hitting hard on this never ending real story about fake news and shillery. Today John reported that the National Press Club is going to operate their event with Jeff "copy-and-paste" Gannon just like a Bush "town meeting" so that no liberals can get in and ask real questions. This is a link to what John believes the National Press Club are doing right now since they made such asses of themselves: AmericaBlog.

I just signed on to the list of left-leaning bloggers at The Agonist who are pissed about the National Press Club's actions the past few days and would like to have one of the bloggers who've worked on this story added to the panel such as John Aravosis (if you have a blog you should sign on too). They wouldn't even return phone calls to John Byrne to comment on the proof of Jeff Gannon's plagiarism. John Aravosis reported yesterday that the Press Club had two "events" related to Jayson Blair, and he wasn't invited to either one (Jayson recently took down the blog that he was "writing" at, and if he's working on a new Website I hope he finds a different Webmaster than the one that worked with Jeff Gannon).

There's more links to other great stories at other blogs about the Press Club that I'll try to add later. But for a hilarious take on Jeff Gannon's plagiarism go to Corrente and read the farmer's Crib Songs: New collection of Jeff "Lick-n-Stick" Gannon's Greatest Swiped Hits...! which features a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo appearance by my favorite cartoon character (next to Jeff Gannon), Mr. P-Niss, who deserves his own plush toy (or at least a guest appearance on Aqua Team Hunger Force).


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