Friday, April 08, 2005

Call Me If Your Not Gay

I've been looking for a roommate. Some of the responses I've gotten have been rather - shall we say - interesting. But this is the most repellant, evil-minded e-mail that I have ever received. I'm not posting his name, e-mail address or phone number, of course, but for the first time ever I was tempted to do so:

"I am in the army. I don't care if you are cool as long as you are not weird or gay or wanting to grease me up like a gerbal. I am straight I go to school and I have seen it been it and done it with half the girls in the U.S. And if she has a friend so do you."

"Have a nice day call me if your not gay."

Needless to blog, I didn't respond to his e-mail, though this is indeed a response.

I guess this Wilt Chamberlain wannabe will probably take my non-reply as an indication that I'd like to "grease [him] up like a gerb[i]l."


My sexuality is nobody's fucking business except with the person who I am having sex with.

I've written about gay issues at this blog, and I will continue to write about gay issues, and if that makes people think that I'm gay I don't give a flying fuck.

I actually received three e-mails from this monster in response to three separate ads. The other two were nothing like this one. I'm so glad that he was so open with his hate so that I didn't invite him over to my apartment.

I usually have only one thing to say to people like that (there are a few comments that have been left on my blog that were very similiar which I didn't delete so that the world could see their hate): Suck my fucking dick.


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