Saturday, April 23, 2005

Conyers On Daily Kos

Congressman Conyers has become a regular at Daily Kos; his fourth diary is up today (in the recommended list, of course). I'm glad he listened to my suggestion almost a month ago that I left at his blog: "Could you start an account on Daily Kos and post diaries? Many other Democrats do...Rep. Slaughter had two well-received ones on that blog today. There are a ton of Kossacks who do care about this...and they would be overjoyed to have you join the gang" (link).

This is the link to Congressman Conyer's Daily Kos page, bookmark it (or subscribe to the thread) so you can keep up-to-date with the incredibly long list of things that this incredible man is doing for us: link.

Today's diary - "21 Members and I Write DOJ to Stop GA Voter ID Law" - is about a new law passed in Georgia that will prevent many people from voting, in order words, it's legalized disenfranchisement.

"Today was a date of shame in Georgia and our nation, as GOP Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a bill that makes it harder to vote, by requiring a photo identification in Georgia elections. The bill would have an obvious discriminatory impact on the poor, seniors, and minorities, who are less likely to have drivers licenses and less able to have access to the new ID cards."

"When I first learned the bill had passed the legislature, I organized a sign-on letter among my colleagues, and today I along with 21 Members of Congress, including my good friend Sen. Russ Feingold, wrote to the Civil Rights Division asking them to throw this law out as being violative of the Voting Rights Act. Since Georgia is subject to pre-clearance requirements under Section 5 of the Voting Acts, the Justice Department can still block its implementation, if they can steer clear of politics and do the right and legally appropriate thing. This is a true outrage."


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