Wednesday, April 20, 2005

If Any Church Leader Is Going To Hate The Jews...

You're going to have to trust me on this one.

Because I'm not linking to these evil cockroaches.

But since the whole blogosphere is blogging about the new Pope and his innocent time as a Nazi youth, I figured why not see what the new Nazi youth have to say about the Pope.

The following comments are taken from the forum board at an unnamed neo-Nazi Website:

"The Vatican's doctrinal enforcer and "grand inquisitor" Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is reported to have been a member of the Hitler Youth. While the 78 year old Cardinal grew up during a time when most young men his age were members, wouldn't it be nice if he retained some jew-awareness?"

"Here it says he has opposed Cardinal Kaspar, who is the Jews' leading point man inside the Church: 'He has also sparred openly in articles with fellow German Cardinal Walter Kasper, a moderate who has urged less centralized church governance and is considered a dark horse papal candidate.' No doubt the Queer-loving socalled "American Catholics" will wet their beds over an "arch conservative" gaining the Papacy."

"Maybe he will settle all that so-called "Holocaust" yentering that's been hounding the Church for the past couple of decades."

"If he was out of step with the postwar liberal jewloving German perverts, that was probably a good thing. Going against Kasper, really good thing."

"Thx, Vatican. Hitler, WN worldwide, NSM and can use the publicity."

"Fox jews Philthadephia just mentioned Bennie's involvement as a Hitler youth and soldier for the Nazis. This came in the 3rd segment of broadcast during their 10 o'clock news after they already covered it as the top story. The jews are already sneaking their opinion in. I hope Benny has the balls to wipe em where they stand as he takes leadership and the German American public voices themselves against attacks by the hebes."

"I'm not Catholic, but I give em credit for their choice. If any church leader is going to hate the jews it should be him. He and a lot of his countrymen got the shit bombed out of them, by a war that had a lot of jewish overtones to it. I am sure he knows the score."

"The jews hate the new pope and think with their usual chutzpah that he will give in to their hysteric screaming and whining. But if there is one pope capable of speaking out against the murders of Jesus Christ, it's this one, Benedictus XVI, defensor fidei contra iudaeos."

UPDATE: The Raw Story linked to an article written by the Associated Press in Hindustan Times entitled "New Pope's Nazi link worries Israeli Jews" (I added the bold print in the quote that I pulled from the article):

""Israel is hopeful that under this new papacy, we will continue to move forward in Vatican-Israel relations and we are sure that considering the background of this new Pope, he, like his predecessor, will be a strong voice against anti-Semitism in all its forms," said a statement from Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom."

I found the original article that this A.P. story was excerpted from in a search through Google News. While the title is toned down, the original article contained even more criticism. "Some Jews in Israel wary about new pope" by Associated Press writer Mark Lavie:

"But Rabbi Avraham Ravitz, a veteran representative of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel's parliament, reflected the apprehensive feelings of some Jews. "We are very concerned," he said. "I don't know to what extent his participation in the Hitler Youth left an imprint of animosity toward the Jewish people.""

"Ravitz said that the pope, as a moral leader, has a critical role in reducing anti-Semitism or exacerbating it. "One word from the pope - or silence - can be critical," he said. Even Ravitz appeared open to persuasion. "This pope will have to take up where the former one left off," he said, referring to Catholic-Jewish rapprochement. "It will not be enough for him to leave everything where it is.""


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