Thursday, April 14, 2005

Michelle Malkin Is An Idiot!

Tas at Loaded Mouth has a post that takes Michelle Malkin to task entitled "There's asinine, and then there's Holy-Shit-Braindead-Fucking-Stupid":

"Providing yet more evidence that she needs a hobby, Michelle Malkin makes a post about all the anti-Bush merchandise she intentionally searched Cafepress to find, publishing pictures of the most vile examples before proceeding to place a blanket of blame on the left at large for their existence by ending her post with this line of shit: "Welcome to the sick world of the pro-assassination Left."

Tas quotes Malkin: "And before the "everybody does it" apologists pooh-pooh this lunatic anti-Bush merchandise: There's tasteless political paraphernalia on both sides of the aisle, but I've already searched and there are currently no "Kill Kerry" products, blood-spattered or otherwise, being sold at Cafe Press."

Proving once again that the right has more power than the left, Cafe Press removed the offending merchandise that Malkin referred to.

My fucking question. Why don't they remove this shit, too?

For $17.99 you can buy the "Dear Teddy, Please Commit Suicide Camisole" (link) which is "Made In The USA."

Aaron's Case has a whole page devoted to gruesome anti-Democratic merchandise (link). How come Cafe Press allows him to continue hawking this vile crap.

Want to meet the guy behind this pile of crap. Meet Aaron "the liberal slayer." Visit his blog and ask him if Michelle Malkin ever bought any of his suicide camisoles to wear around the house: Aaron's cc.

UPDATE - Wingnut C. Varones left this comment on my Haloscan (I trackbacked to Michelle Malkin so he must be one of her readers): " Surely you can see the difference between advocating assassination and telling someone to commit suicide."

"I don't see your point at all."

So Wingnut C. Varones thinks it's okay to sell t-shirts telling someone to kill themselves. That's funny. Michelle Malkin doesn't seem to agree with that.

Malkin's very first line from the post that I linked to: "Yesterday, Drudge linked to a nasty anti-Tom Delay t-shirt being hawked at Cafe Press. The shirt urged the GOP congressman to commit suicide."

Wingnuts can't read, I guess.

Malkin shows three different items on her post. Two read "Kill Bush" like the movie logo, and the third shows Bush holding a gun to his head.

Still don't see my point, dumbass.


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