Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Nation Kicks Ass!

Ari Berman (who writes The Daily Outrage column at The Nation Website) wrote a powerful article yesterday about the two 16-year-old girls - A. & T. - who have been detained as "would-be suicide bombers" called "Young And Arrested".

Most journalists or bloggers might let it go at that. Write one article then head to the next story. But not Ari Berman. I exchanged a few e-mails with him yesterday and he expressed a lot of interest in the case and sympathy and outrage.

Less than an hour ago, The Nation got involved again.

Peter Rothberg (who writes the Act Now column at The Nation Website) wrote a follow-up to Ari's article entitled "Detained Without Charge", which was co-written by Mark Hatch-Miller.

Here are the last two paragraphs (which contain links to the blog Saurav and I started just 16 hours ago):

"From the dearth of available information, it seems likely that the case of the teenage suicide bombers is simply a routine immigration investigation gone mad. Unfortunately, the rules of immigration hearings require the girls to prove they aren't suicide bombers, rather than the government to prove that they are."

"A hearing is being held tomorrow, Thursday, April 14, so please click here to send a letter of support for the girls' lawyers to present to the court. There's also a rally being planned to support the girls. Check out and circulate the details and other info about the case on a new blog created to help defend the girls by clicking here."

Ari, Peter and Mark. Thank you so much. I've always loved The Nation. It happens to be the only publication that I read and support. Now I have even more reasons to love The Nation.


Special thanks to ABF, a Daily Kosser from Germany who has been very supportive and who alerted me to The Nation article which really brightened my day. Thanks, Ágnes.


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