Thursday, April 21, 2005

Not Emotionally Off-Topic In The Slightest

CS from BloggerRadio left this comment a few hours ago on my Haloscan (I removed the first couple of sentences which were full of praise for me...but since the Knicks season ended today with no play-offs and I once jokingly referred to myself as the Stephon Marbury of the blogosphere I'm not feeling very triumphant at the moment):

"Yesterday Democrats showed great spirit and skill in out-maneuvering Republicans to delay the Bolton vote in committee. As you no doubt know, The Washington Note has been the go-to blog on all this. More bloggers should be paying more attention to this story because what Dems (and some Republicans on the committee) accomplished yesterday was a victory for deliberative democracy, the very thing we will lose if extremists have their way."

"It's fundamentally important that principled leaders -- on both sides of the aisle -- battle the forces that are trying to destroy our system of government. But to preserve that system they must practice it. Anything less would be destroying the village in order to save it."

"Yesterday a handful of senators reminded us of how things are supposed to work. They rose to the occasion at a treacherous time. They need our attention and support, our encouragement, so that together we can regain our confidence in one another and a Constitutional system that has suffered corruption and neglect."

"Forgive me for being emotionally off-topic here, but sometimes I feel we're doing a great job of exposing perfidy while neglecting the positive team-building work we need to do. It's almost like we've forgotten how to be proud and supportive. A team of senators won a hard-fought match yesterday. Where are the cheers?"

In my response I wrote: "but why should we dance when the bankruptcy bill was signed just today....where were the Democrats on that? That's going to effect more of us than which asshole is going to have to be the one to storm out of un meetings cause the world doesn't believe in imperialism....but you sure did make it sound incredible....reading your post reminded me of the best moments in mr smith goes to washington..."

So check out BloggerRadio for more on this (CS also has been linking to some great Daily Kos diaries on the subject) and here's a proper link for the Washington Note: link.

CS also is reporting that my favorite senator, California's Barbara Boxer, has a petitition for us to sign "calling for Bush to withdraw John Bolton's nomination as UN ambassador in favor of someone the country can get behind. Please sign it and send it along to family and friends, then go to DKos to read the Senator's post thanking readers for their support (37,000 emails through Boxer's PAC site alone!)."

So...what are you waiting for...go sign it, please...and stop by DKos and say hi to the best damn Senator this country has.

I can't decide. Boxer/Conyers in 2008 or Conyers/Boxer in 2008?


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