Sunday, April 24, 2005

On "Justice" Sunday

Mixter's got a great article at her Website about today's political sit-com: Justice Sunday: Stop Filibustering People of Faith (link):

"In his pre-recorded message, Sen. Bill Frist went on and on about how the Democrats are denying 10 judicial nominees an up or down vote. During the final two years of Clinton's term, less than half of Clinton's appeals courts nominees were confirmed. In Clinton's last year in office, 89 percent of appeals court nominees were stopped, with only one out of nine nominees being confirmed! Regarding the 10 nominees, Frist pleaded to the audience, "Don't leave them hanging. Don't leave our courts hanging. Don't leave our country hanging.""

"4.65% of judicial nominees blocked = liberals hate people of faith. 89% of judicial nominees blocked = what?"

"Give me an effing break! The deliberate strategy to block President Clinton's judicial nominations was to leave as many seats vacant as possible so that they could be filled by a Republican president. They succeeded. They already got that! Now they want it all! They want the conservative Christian triumvirate - the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our goverment."

Mixter's got more at her blog - Mixter's Mix - where she also discusses the "more Christ-like Christians [who] protested the event."

On the Mixter tip, I'd also like to hype her latest story at Watching The Watchers called “We’re in the ramp-up to a great constitutional crisis”. She's been on an awesome roll, lately, and deserves a larger audience.

Note To My Readers

I've got a number of stories that I've been working on that are going to take some time to complete. To tell the truth, I'm starting to get tired of the blogosphere. I believe strongly in what I've been doing and what others have been doing...but it's incredibly frustrating the way this whole blogosphere operates.

I never had any desire to make this blog the one stop blog for all things political. Although I have strong opinions about absolutely everything I'd rather focus on a few stories then try to cover a little bit about everything.

Last year, I only used to post an article every few days, because I didn't want to bury the good stuff - but now because my audience has grown I feel this urgency to post at least once a day even when I'm not ready to post.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not going to compromise myself. I'm not going to rush to publish just to keep the blog topical every day.

Instead, this blog is probably going to be more like it's been the last week or so. There will be at least one new post a day, but unless I've got a sufficiently researched article ready to go most of my posts will be links to other bloggers who have great stuff that might or might not be getting the recognition it deserves. I'll probably add something to it - when I can - but I think my time would be best spent researching the stories that noone else is writing about.

So if you think my blog's sucked the last couple of weeks....I apologize...but if you hang in there you'll be reading some great stuff in a few weeks.


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