Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One Blogger's High Road...

One blogger's high road sometimes can be another blogger's low road.

I don't have anything to say about this publicly but I will respond in private e-mails. Private e-mails. Which is what I considered some of the correspondence that has been aired publicly and is taken out of context at the aforementioned link.

Yesterday's private e-mails mostly dealt with this article posted a few weeks ago which prompted me to post a response here which I deleted after an hour or two (I believe it was posted for about an hour-and-a-half) and which I apologized for in private e-mails (which I gave permission to be passed along to all interested parties) and publicly in this post.

I'm not going to slam this blogger who I just linked to in my last post - which was written near the end of our e-mail correspondence - because I am sick and tired of this blogosphere soap opera nastiness. It's very wearisome and has affected my blogging the last few weeks.

I've never told anyone that they HAD to blog about what I wanted them to blog about. In this instance, I only suggested that a post be written which contains an interview with someone more technologically savvy who understands the Internet and the non-controversial-to-most subject of hit counters because a number of falsehoods have appeared on the blog in the past (not just in the two posts above). I don't think it was done maliciously.

And I don't think the post that led to my angry (deleted) response was written in malice either, but the fact is that if The New York Times had written such an article about - say - Jane Fonda it would be recognized for what it is: a hatchet job.

I'll be linking to this blogger again. While I feel that this blogger and a few blogger friends of this blogger have been way out-of-line and have acted hysterically in this matter I still think that they're some of the best voices on the Internet and I obviously have thicker skin than they do.

It really sucks that I had to write this because I did want to take the high road. I told this blogger that I didn't want to pursue this in public but I have to respond in some way. It's really tough to check myself in response to today's post at the aforementioned link.

But I have work to do. This is not work. This is bullshit (and my use of the word bullshit shows that one blogger's high road can also sometimes get low).


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