Saturday, April 30, 2005

Page Six Disses Jeff Gannon

I buy the New York Post every day (along with The New York Times which, unfortunately for all of us, is the "paper of record"). Liberals think I'm insane. I give them three reasons:

1) Better coverage of police shootings than the Times...though the story might be biased in favor of the NYPD, the Post always tells the other side while the Metro Section of The New York Times is kind of like GOPUSA, propaganda with no filter, even Jayson Blair wrote about that in his book...and he would know best.

2) John Crudele kicks ass. Who the hell is John Crudele? Here's a sample of his work: Spitzer Should Take On The Thugs Steering Oil Market. And here's an article that I wrote on the dude who covers the oil beat in the Business section of The New York Times: Jad Mouawad sucks.

3) Sports.

But only my closest friends know the fourth reason.

Well, friends (and wandering wingnuts):

4) Page Six. I confess. I get a kick out of celebrity gossip. I get a kick out of Richard Johnson, and he's usually always right. I'm not even going to mention the name of the idiot at The Times who thinks she's Nabokov or something with her pretentious writing style. And I don't read any other tabloids except for The Post (unless you count The Village Voice as one...and Michael Musto kicks ass, too).

Friday's Post carried a small bit on Jeff Gannon who spoke to Jared Paul Stern of PAGE SIX entitled "Anybody have a ticket?" (unfortunately, the Post just switched to the same kind of shitty register process that The Times has...and even the middle of writing this post, the link to the item was switched to the Saturday column so I won't be able to link to it directly):

"DISGRACED former White House reporter/male escort Jeff Gannon can't believe no one has invited him to tomorrow's White House Correspondents Dinner. "It seems to me to be odd to exclude the one person who has brought more attention to the White House press corps than anyone else in years," Gannon tells PAGE SIX's Jared Paul Stern. "Probably many who would want to extend such an invitation already assume I will be in attendance." Gannon, whose real name is James Guckert, quit his job with the conservative Talon News earlier this year after his fake name, lack of journalistic qualifications and male escort connections came to light. The dinner usually features several stars and sensational guests such as Paula Jones to liven things up. The sub-par star lineup this year includes Robert Duvall, Burt Reynolds, Randy Quaid, Ron Silver, Patricia Heaton and Anne Hathaway."

Yep, Page Six really nailed Jeff Gannon (though they still didn't mention the plagiarism viewable at the links at the top of this blog).

After the Press Club comedy hour with Jeff Gannon three weeks ago, I applauded Wonkette for some of the awesome questions she flooded Jeff with but I criticized her exchanging cards with him since it helps the propagandistic plagiarist establish his legitimacy. At Propagannon, silence from the ePluribus team thought that "Wonkette looked like she was conspiring to invite Gannon/Guckert to the WHCA dinner."

silence remembered this Valentine's Day post by Wonkette (link): "In fact, it crossed my mind that Guckert/Gannon would make a great date for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but then I figured I'd have to pay him. Probably extra, being a girl and all."

So if that happens - as The Post might say - remember, you read it here first.

That's my gossip item for the day.

(UPDATE - ha...just realized something about this Jeff Gannon quote from Page Six: "Probably many who would want to extend such an invitation already assume I will be in attendance." That, ladies and gentleman, qualifies as a "soliciting" personal ad that can be directly attributed to Jeff Gannon/ long as you take Page Six's word for it.)


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