Friday, April 01, 2005

The Real Roxanne

Happy April Fools Day! You like reading about the fake journalists? How about checking out a great blog that's a fake blog just for today: The Real Roxanne.


Another great kind-of-fake blog just started up today. It's from a community member of The Common Ills. This is the fourth blog to emerge from the community (and I hope that there will be many more), and it looks to be just as great as the other three: A Winding Road, Third Estate Sunday Review, and Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitudes.

A pause before I tell you the name of Betty's blog, which had been kept a secret until it's launch date.

Last night, Michael Hussey e-mailed me and issued a challenge: "I am asking readers of my blog to tell me (in the comments) who is the worst political columnist." (Last Day of My Life). My response:

"Thomas Friedman. Even though he knows the truth about what these people do, he backed the illegal, immoral, illegitimate invasion of Iraq. Many Democrats read Thomas Friedman. Many Democrats bought Thomas Friedman."

"It might be said that many people have died because of the treasonous writing of Thomas Friedman. Thomas Friedman should give up his column and let his wife take over, since according to him she was against the war to begin with."

And what do you know? Betty's blog is called Thomas Friedman Is A Great Man and it's a scream!

Betty offers this disclaimer on her blog: "I am not married to Thomas Friedman, credit me with better taste, please. This site is a parody." Welcome to the blogosphere, Betty!

Finally, NYU's Jay Rosen at Press Think responds to another sort of challenge, issued by blogger, writer Halley Suitt, in regards to the meme about "white, male, American bloggers...not promoting enough diverse talent in the blogosphere." So Jay rises to the challenge, by introducing his readers to some new and different voices that he selected with the help of Lisa Stone: Fourteen New Voices: A Reply to Halley's Comment. Now I'm presented with the additional challenge of checking out all the bloggers named and adding them to my blogroll which I'll get to within the next week. In the meantime, go read Jay & Lisa's co-post and discover some new voices for yourself.

Journalism isn't dead yet. It's up to us to give it new life, by doing it ourselves or by helping them to understand that they haven't been doing their jobs very well at least the last five years. The more blogs, the merrier. Of course, I already link to a ton of blogs that I couldn't possible keep up with every day, but I do make a point of hitting the neglected ones that aren't on my short list every chance I get, and I hope everyone else does the same when they can.



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