Thursday, April 28, 2005

Revenge Of The Bloggers?

"Ex–White House reporter Jeff Gannon learned the power of gay bloggers the hard way, by being outed as a partisan operative and an alleged former hustler. Online activists have mainstream media playing catch-up, and they’re reshaping the battle for gay equality."

That's the header for an article set to appear in the May 10th issue of The Advocate which features my favorite propagandistic plagiarist on the cover:

Jeff left the following message on my answering machine ( I read it at his "I wonder if those same bloggers will be attacking the Advocate for presenting me as something less than completely despicable. STORY"

Yeah, Jeff, love the cover, especially love the not-exactly-subliminal phallic symbol that shares the cover with you...not that there's anything not funny with that.

On the cover, the title of Jen Christensen's article is touted as "Revenge of the Bloggers" but fans must have written George Lucas to remind him that Jedi Knights don't believe in revenge so the title inside the pages was switched to "Jeff vs. the bloggers."

There's only a small excerpt of the article viewable online so I only have so much I can comment on. I imagine that the article must ignore the work by bloggers that aren't gay or at least haven't come out in public (as I've written before I don't think anyone's sexuality is anyone's business...and I've even defended Jeff at points of the investigation from what I thought was unnecessary nastiness at times...I'm 100 percent supportive of gay rights and I've often blogged about such issues but you won't ever see a word from me about my sexuality or occasional lack-of-sexuality...I don't care what ignorant people think...and I'm not about to call a press conference to declare that I'm "not gay" like Mike Piazza of the New York Mets), but I'll wait until I read it in full before I respond in length to it (maybe I shouldn't have used the word

John Aravosis of America Blog is also featured in the article (why the fuck didn't he get to go on the cover?) and perhaps a few other bloggers will be cited. Wait and see.

But I do have something to say.

If the excerpt is a reflection of the whole article...meaning that if the paragraphs that line up after one another match the ones that line up after one another in this excerpt then...

Jen Christensen is no fucking journalist.

I'm basing this characterization on this sentence in the article containing a quote by Jeff Gannon/Guckert which is left unaddressed: "Gannon, 48, adds that his sexual orientation is a private matter and that he objects to being “called a fake, phony, and faux or that ‘he was posing as a journalist.’ I was and still am a legitimate journalist, and I did some solid reporting.”

No, Jeff, you're not a fucking journalist. You're a fucking plagiarist...and if the Advocate didn't note that then fuck them too.

In the next paragraph Jen writes, "Instead, blogs from Aravosis and Gannon are a blend of journalism and activism with a political bent."

You're an idiot, Jen Christensen, to compare the propagandistic plagiarist with one of the best fucking bloggers and journalists and activists that there is. I've had disagreements with John in the past but he seriously kicks ass and John Aravosis doesn't fucking plagiarize!

Jen, you moron, if you pay this blog a visit through Google or Technorati why don't you practice some fucking journalism and go read this and then come back here and follow the links at the top of the blog. Do some fucking research, ferchrissakes.


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