Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Can't Stop Blogging About Conyers

(Via The Brad Blog) Congressman John Conyers, Jr. did us proud today at his Congressional forum Media Bias and Freedom of the Press which Air America aired live and was taped for C-Span (no word on when and if it will be aired yet):

"As for freedom of the press - the subject of today's forum - all you need to do is turn on the television, open up the paper, or listen to the radio to appreciate the extent our so-called fourth estate has fallen. The vast majority of the mainstream media is not only unwilling to accurately report on the failings of the Administration, but the few who do have fallen victim to scapegoating and retribution."

"There are a few alternative sources willing to speak truth to power. I first learned about the now infamous Downing Street Memo on Daily Kos. Bradblog, Raw Story and Air America have been at the forefront of our ongoing national election scandal. But these voices are too few and too diffuse to overcome the blatant biases of our cable channels and the negligence and neglect of our major newspapers."

There was a liveblogging diary - started by miasmo - earlier today at Daily Kos on Conyers' forum: Conyers media forum on Air America NOW!.

More Conyers. Georgia10 from Downing Street Memo and Daily Kos wrote this diary yesterday: "Conyers to Send Investigative Team To Downing Street?".

Also, check out The Raw Story for an exclusive interview that John Byrne and Larisa Alexandrovna conducted with the absolute best Democrat on the job: Michigan's John Conyers, Jr. - the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. A complete transcript should be viewable at The Raw Story later tonight or tomorrow.


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