Friday, May 27, 2005

Dear George Lucas,

A long, long time ago, in Miami, a young Jedi Knight by the name of Luke Skyywalker was sued for copyright infringement by Luke's real father, George Lucas (who - aside from the Star Wars empire - also hooked the world up with Howard The Duck).

Okay, maybe Jedi Knight is a bit of a stretch to describe Luther Campbell, the leader and sort-of rapper of The 2 Live Crew, who scored a few hits by adding curse words and heavy bass to Doo Wah Diddy, lifting a line from a Stanley Kubrick movie which was as politically incorrect or nasty as can be, and actually getting permission from the Boss to butcher "Born In The U.S.A." (cause it's important to protect the rights of even horrible rappers to sort-of rap whatever the fuck they want to sort-of rap...and bloggers, too).

Anyway, Luther settled out-of-court with Lucasfilms (the "come on...I added a letter" argument isn't much of a defense) and had to settle for using just-plain Luke as a moniker. He also had to change the name of his record company: Luke Skyywalker Records, to - yep, you guessed it - Luke Records.

It also cost the banished Jedi Knight 300,000 Miami Bass tainted dollars.


I wonder if the fine folks at The Jawa Report have gotten permission from George Lucas to use his copyright protected names.

I guess normally they wouldn't make fun of the deaths of fifteen to twenty people but the wingnuts are now positing that nobody may have died in the riots but it's still the fault of the Press.

Lots of fine folks are linking to "Trying to Start a Riot." See how they do it (minus the permalinks):

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Maybe some think it's funny. Maybe some are condemning it. I can only read so many of those blogs in one day; the dark side is strong. And I'm no Jedi Knight.


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