Monday, May 09, 2005

Gasps And Laughs At Other Blogs

Loaded Mouth has been working overtime on the Al-Libbi arrest in Pakistan which took place right before Tony Blair's re-election. There's a lot of fishy stuff in regards to the arrest in addition to the suspicious timing. This link is to Tas' latest article: Final Nexis tally for Al-Libbi. But he's written a few stories about it this week, and by the time you read this he may have a new one.

Avedon ("A few years back, I was bugging Atrios to start a weblog. "It's easy, just go to Blogspot and start one. You'll be great at it."") - the "godmother" of Eschaton - has done something that Atrios doesn't usually do: link to The Brad Blog.

I hope this isn't a one-time thing because Brad's more-than-a-blog has been a must-read of mine ever since the second week of November in 2004 when other bloggers decided to talk about "morals voters" instead of widespread election irregularities. Brad Friedman isn't even a Democrat but he's made election reform his number one priority and he's done tremendous work and should be bigger than Beyonce.

Joseph Cannon is another blogger who has done sensational work on Election 2004. The other day he wrote a great post about what the Republicans are trying to do to "reform" the election system. From "Why let the riff-raff vote?": "Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, a Republican, noted that people already need photo ID for basic bank transactions. "Is everyone a racist? Are bank tellers racist?" he said. "I simply don't believe it is going to have the effect that they claim it does.""

"Bank tellers may or may not be racist, but the identification reqirements at most banks these days definitely discriminate against the poor and the working class. Poor people know the drill: You work hard, you get a check -- but it is just a worthless piece of paper, because no bank will cash it without two forms of ID. And the second form must be a credit card. The banks claim they do this as a safety precaustion, but the real reason is to keep poor people (who generate few or no profits) from using bank services."

"Just as the poor are banned from today's banks, so too they will soon be banned from the polling booth."

~A!'s got a great article up at Watching The Watchers called "Liberal Doesn’t Mean Democrat… It means Liberal". I couldn't have blogged it better myself. ~A! hasn't been blogging as much as before, but he's still one of my faves.

My buddy, David Anderson, had some problems with his old server but now he's back blogging full-time. Check out In Search of Utopia if you want to read the powerful words of a blogger who refuses to stay within partisan boundaries. David isn't afraid to go against the Democrat (or even liberal) grain if it goes against his own convictions.

I forgot to give a shout-out to John Aravosis of AMERICAblog for kicking Microsoft's ass last week: BIG NEWS: MICROSOFT CHANGES POSITION.

Thomas Friedman is still "playing Iraqi invasion" and "looks ridiculous in the Judith Miller wig" Thomas Friedman is a Great Man.

I'm not sure if the Friedman blog is satire or not. Betty the blogger claims that it is but it reads too true to me. But this next link is definitely intentionally funny: Rejected 'Love Is...' Comics. Here's a sample:


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