Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jay Rosen Vs. Joe Strupp

Atrios wrote today about a battle between two journalism experts which has been waged on three widely-read journalism Websites.

Joe Strupp: "Washington bureau chiefs have launched a new effort to stop off-the-record and background-only White House press briefings with a campaign aimed at getting fellow D.C. journalists to demand that more briefings be on the record."

Jay Rosen: "The article was conspicuous for not mentioning one of the most effective ways the press can "raise objections" to background briefings: don't go to them. Just quit."

But it was at Poynteronline's Romenesko where the battle started to get ugly.

Jay Rosen: "Strupp reports his piece in a state of make believe, as if the bureau chiefs are pressing for changes that others ultimately have to make. But the chiefs and their reporters are co-producers of the "background" ritual. It takes two sides-- briefers, briefees."

Joe Strupp: "But the point of my story was not to judge what they are doing, only to report it. Sometimes people with strong views on either side fail to remember that when reading news stories."

I like Jay.

Mr. Rosen, who writes an awful lot about the pathetic performance of today's press, linked to my Fake Ass Talon News plagiarism stories thanks to a comment left by Jon Garfunkel in this amazing article he wrote: "In the Press Room of the White House that is Post Press".

I don't like Joe.

Mr. Strupp, who writes an awful lot about Jeff Gannon, absolutely refuses to write one word about the plagiarism I've exposed at this blog even though I've written him three times and everywhere from Media Matters to Wonkette to Americablog to CJR to The Raw Story to Eschaton to Daily Kos has mentioned it. Weldon Berger of BTCNews even had a letter published at Romenesko about it: Eschaton.

Over a month ago, Atrios wrote, "One of the Gannon issues which sort of got lost in the shuffle when all the hotmilitaryescortm4m stuff came out was the fact that, among his other issues, he was a serial plagiarizer. Media Matters caught him lifting from GOP docs verbatim, and my good friend Ron has him stealing stuff from the Associated Press."

Why the fuck won't Joe Strupp write about Jeff Gannon's plagiarism?


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