Friday, May 27, 2005

Jeff Gannon To Tape PAX-TV's Lie Factor

Jeff Gannon has posted a "Media Advisory" at his eponymous blog to announce that he is slated to appear on PAX-TV's Lie Factor television show next Tuesday, May 31st at 8 PM E.T. (link):

"Known for lobbing softball questions at current President George W. Bush, elite press core official “Jeff Gannon” came under scrutiny by democrats and fellow press core members, who discovered his real name is James Dale Guckert with a checkered past and possible agenda. Was “Jeff Ganon” fed questions by the Bush administration to use as talking points at White House briefings or just a man trying to overcome his past and pursue a career as a journalist?"

Great news.

I'm confident that all of our questions about Jeff Gannon/Guckert will be answered truthfully when he's hooked up to the polygraph machine since PAX-TV is famous for being a fair and non-partisan network. In the same segment we'll learn the truth about the Swift Boat vet who lost his job, bank account and dog because he wouldn't appear with John Kerry at the DNC last year. And Paula Jones proved that she was abducted by aliens only a few weeks ago on the show.

Dr. Ed Gelb, the polygrapher for the show, proved to the world that John and Patsy Ramsey are completely innocent and the Website also claims he gave a lie detector test to Mark Fuhrman. O.J. Simpson once went to Ed's office "only for the purpose of understanding how a polygraph worked" and there was some dispute in the courtrooms on whether or not O.J. was tested by Dr. Gelb or not (link).

Jeff seems to be exactly the kind of guest that the fans of Lie Factor are craving according to the show's message board:

"Does anyone really wanna see some guy clear up some meaningless personal problem in his life (probably to find out he is in fact, a liar)? NO WE DON'T. We want to see FREAKS. Freaks with crazy stories about skank-spy-mothers and Space Philbins. I tune in every week to see which freak gets away with their lie."


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