Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Plagiarism Detection At The NY Times

Preserving Our Readers' Trust - an internal report issued by The New York Times today - on "Plagiarism Detection":

"A technologicial deterrent to plagiarism has great appeal. Unfortunately, the current technology has not yet refined enought to allow newspapers to use databases like Nexis to determine whether material has been plagiarized. As just one example, today's software cannot distinguish between a plagiarized story and stories that share the same quotes from the same press conference."

"But we feel there is promise. The Times has discussed these difficulties with Lexis-Nexis, which has begun a new partnership with I-Thenticate, a plagiarism software company mainly serving academia. The goal is a new and more discriminating service that could, on demand, check our copy against all of Lexis-Nexis."

Hey NY Times boneheads, you don't need no fancy-schmancy technological breakthroughs in order to "determine whether material has been plagiarized." Just follow this link: Talon News Plagiarist Factory.

And silly me was under the impression that you guys didn't give a shit about being jacked by thieves: Why Does The New York Times Allow Itself To Be Plagiarized?.


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